Tuesday, 7 January 2014

OOTN: Jumpin'

Blazer: H&M
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Waist Belt: American Apparel
Boots: Getthelabel.com*

I've admired jumpsuits for ages now and always think women look great wearing them (I loved Sam Faiers's white one from AQ/AQ on the CBB launch!). I've had this one from Topshop quite a while now, but, for some reason, I've always been a little too scared to wear it. I finally took the plunge this Christmas and went for it. I felt so sophisticated and chic, I will definitely be wearing it more often now. The way the jumpsuit comes in at the waist makes it very flattering, and if you're a little insecure about your thighs like I am, then a  bootcut trouser makes your legs look longer and slimmer. I'd really recommend a black jumpsuit to anyone, you can't really go wrong as they look both elegant and fashionable. I've teamed mine with a bright, statement blazer from H&M, which provides a great contrast to the black and gives the outfit an extra dose of fashionability. Finally, these gorgeous little boots from Get The Label always make me feel dressed up and add a laid-back touch of sexiness. 

What do you think about jumpsuits? 

Rosy x


  1. I love jumpsuits.. not the best when it comes to toilet trips however, but, like you say, they are so chic and can be dressed up or down. :)
    Lovely outfit, love the blazer and boots too! :)


  2. You look lovely :) I would love a jumpsuit but don't think they would be most flattering for me! Love the outfit!

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

  3. I was just thinking to buy a coloured blazer the other day! I'm usually black-blazer kind of girl, but now you convinced me! x

  4. I love how jumpsuits and playsuits look. I just get put off wearing them just in case I really need the toilet and cant get out of it in time.

    Leah @ peachesandsmoke.co.uk

  5. I want the entire outfit. Wow. Your so stylish. And that is such a flattering outfit on you. You definitely suit blue. No doubt. Its a fact! Ohhhh no, I need to go to H&M and get that blazer. Its right up my street. You have a lovely blog. The header is snazzy as.
    Followed you! Wooo! Feel free to sneak a peek over on my blog! xx



  6. LOVE this outfit! You look incredible xx

  7. I have been eyeing jumpsuits too. This looks really cute on you, especially with that blazer.

  8. I've been debating with myself over jumpsuits for a whole year! It looks really good on you, especially the colour combo. So simple and chic.


  9. Love this look, I keep meaning to get a black jumpsuit they always look so chic! Looks great with cobalt blue, my fav colour at the moment! x


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