Friday, 28 February 2014

Popular Products That Did Not Work For Me

Most of the time I write positive reviews on products, as I rarely find bad ones (thanks to spending most of my spare time reading blogs and watching vlogs, every product is researched meticulously before I make the purchase!). However, there have been a number of very popular and much-hyped about products that haven't worked for me. All the products that I mention here I used for at least a month, so the experience and review is a thorough one. Also I should mention that I'm not saying these products aren't good- all of them have thousands of rave reviews on websites and on blogs (hence why I bought them in the first place)- but they just didn't suit my skin. My skin is combination; I have a oily patches (my nosy, chin and cheeks) and then a dry forehead- brilliant I know- so these products will probably suit other skin types much better. Without further ado, here are the products that my skin did not get on with...

Estee Lauder Eye Cream
-First of all, I love Estee Lauder skin care. I use their cleanser, toner and moisturiser every day, as well as their night serum every other day. I'm a big fan of the Estee Lauder night repair serum and so was very excited to try the eye cream version. Unfortunately this was too rich for my young(ish) skin (I'm 25) and I developed milia under my eyes for the first time in my life, which cleared up as soon as I stopped using this. For those of you that aren't familiar with milia, they are the little white bumps that form under your eyes when your pores are blocked, mainly as a result of using rich/heavy products. I'm sure this will work much better on more mature or drier skin.

Origins Super Spot Remover
-This seemed to work well at first but after a while it started to really irritate my face, making the spots even angrier and the area around them very red. This actually resulted in my complexion looking worse. It was a messy circle of cause and effect after a while, as the worse my skin got the more spot gel I put on, making the spots redder and more obvious. After a few months I stopped using this and started using the much gentler Eve Lom Dynaspot which calmed down the redness and helped heal the spots. It was obviously just too harsh for my skin, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has sensitive skin. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
-I thought this was wonderful when I first tried it as the next day my skin looked much clearer. However, after using it for a few weeks I noticed that I started to get lots of little under-the-surface bumps, particularly around my chin, jawline and cheeks. So, although this helped the spots that were on my face and certainly reduced their redness, it actually created a lot more little tiny spots under my skin, which could be seen over makeup as my skin was not smooth. As soon as I stopped using this the little bumps went away.

Clarins Instant Smooth
-It pains me to say that this did not work for me as it is such a cult product. It is the only Clarins product that I have ever been disappointed with- and that truly is a testament to Clarins as I've tried practically all their products! I wanted to use this as a primer to keep my makeup on and in place all day. Sadly my oily/combination skin melted this off and my makeup was patchy within a couple of hours. The Benefit Porefessional Primer worked much better for me. Maybe I would have better results if I didn't use this as a primer under makeup, just on its own, but then I wouldn't really use a product like that, I usually have full makeup or no makeup days, there's not really any in between days to be honest.

What do you think of this post? Has anyone else had a similar experience with any of these products?

Rosy x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon In Peach On The Beach

I featured a Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon on here a couple of weeks ago, the bright pink Fuschia Libre (review here), and I was so impressed that I decided to buy another shade that would be more suitable for during the day, Peach on the Beach. 

Peach on the Beach is a peachy pink colour that is very natural-looking. I must admit I expected it to be a slightly paler pink than it is, but I like that it isn't now, as I don't have another lip product like it. It subtly makes your lips look bolder, more defined and bigger. It says it last 10 hours on the lips, but I would say the stain on your lips does, but not the boldness or the full finish, for this it has the reapplied every few hours. However, this is still much longer lasting than most lipsticks.

It is quite moisturising on the lips so does not dry them out, a problem that I've had with other lipsticks in the past. It goes on really smoothly and does not make dry or chapped areas stand out (again, like other lipsticks have done). I like that it's quite a glossy finish, but not too glossy, it just has a very subtle sheen to it.

This is the second Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon that I've tried now and the second one that I've really liked. I would definitely recommend them for long lasting colour and a great alternative to lipsticks; I may be buying more!

What do you think? Has anyone else tried the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons?

Price: £7.99 Available to buy at Boots

Rosy x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Current Beauty Wish List

I always have a wish list for clothes and beauty, neatly separated into different sections in the notes app on my phone (does anyone else do this?!). The list is forever growing, despite items being purchased, so I thought I'd share my current beauty wish list with you...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
I'm always on the lookout for the 'perfect' foundation, and although I'm very happy with Armani Maestro, it's still not flawless (although I'm not sure any foundation will be?!). I've had my eye on the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for a while now and read lots of rave reviews about it.

Nars Orgasm Blusher
I'm a huge fan of the Nars Laguna Bronzer and I think the Orgasm Blusher is just as well-liked; I can't believe I haven't tried  it yet!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
I've been using the Shimmer Bricks for years now and I'm yet to find another highlighter that's as good. Mine has sadly broken into tiny pieces and so needs to be replaced asap! N.B. The one downside to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks is how easily they smash- Bobbi Brown if you're listening PLEASE make the packaging more robust!

Urban Decay Eyeliner in Zero
I had a black Urban Decay eyeliner years ago and remember being impressed with how pigmented it was, and at it's amazing staying power. I need this back in my life!

Benefit Lollitint
Benefit's latest lip and cheek stain looks to be my favourite of their whole collection so far! I love Posie Tint but I'm definitely a pink lips kind of girl, and this shade looks so cute, adding a natural pink stain to your lips.

Topshop Gloss Ink
I tried a few of these lip inks when I was in Topshop the other week and there's some gorgeous shades in the range. I tested Smitten on my lips and the colour stayed on for hours, I can't wait to get my hands on a few of them! I particularly like Smitten, Sloe Gin and Cruel.

Mac Rebel Lipstick
I saw this on my friend Victoria's lovely blog, inthefrow. It's a gorgeous, really deep pink lipstick and a shade that is definitely lacking in my collection. Any excuse for another Mac lipstick hey?!

Aesop Camomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Mask
This sounds ideal for when my skin is having a breakout. Although I do get a lot of spots, my skin is actually quite sensitive so harsh ingredients make the breakouts worse and the spots even angrier. This Aesop face masks promises to be gentle and does not strip the skin.

This is a rather raved about product in the beauty blogging world. It is applied underneath moisturiser in order to increase the skin's hydration level and absorb the moisturiser much better. I want it for days when my skin is feeling dry and flakey.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder
This is a mixture of a dry shampoo and a volumiser. It's in powder form and promises to give your hair that extra oomph, making it easier to style.

Morrocan Oil
I know I'm late on the bandwagon here but I've been lusting after this famous hair oil for over a year now. I colour my hair a lot and this sounds like it will give my hair the TLC that it needs.

What do you think about my wish list? Do you have or want any of these products? Also let me know if you want to see my current fashion wish list :)

Rosy x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This brush is amazing! I use it to apply my foundation and it really softens my whole face, providing a flawless coverage that makes me look almost airbrushed! I have tried many foundation brushes, including high end ones from Lancome and Origins, but this one is the best I've ever tried. It works well with both cream and liquid foundations. The bristles are synthetic and very soft so the brush creates a gorgeous coverage that is easy to blend. I also really like that you can stand the brush up (I hate rounded bottoms on brushes!!) as it's more hygienic. After washing, the brush is absolutely fine and keeps it's shape nicely without shedding any bristles.

Overall, I highly recommend the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush; if you wear foundation you need this brush in your life!!

Does anyone else use this brush? What are your thoughts? 

Price: Approx £9.99 at SuperdrugFeelunique or Boots 

Rosy x

Monday, 17 February 2014

OOTD: Casual Check

Leather Jacket: Firetrap
Dress: Zara (kids)
Boots: Topshop

You can't go wrong with a nice dress, a leather jacket and flat boots for the daytime. This outfit is low maintenance and is perfect for those days when you want to look nice but you're in a rush and don't have time to plan an outfit. Shift dresses are a timeless piece that flatter all, and can be dressed up for work, or down for a day's shopping. This particular dress is actually from the kids' section in Zara and so is a little bit different from the usual dresses that you tend to see everyone wearing. High street stores have some great items in the kids' sections at a fraction of the price of the womens' section, so it's well worth having a look! I'd recommend Zara's and H&M's in particular. Finally, a leather jacket is a wardrobe staple in my opinion, and is really an item that should be saved for as it can be worn time and time again, and goes with absolutely everything. 

What do you think of my outfit?

Rosy x

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon In Fuschia Libre

I love this colour! The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons are their answer to the Clinique Chubby Stick but for a fraction of the price. The photo of me above has not been edited or photoshopped in any way, the colour really is that bright and vivid. I love how pigmented it is; I think it would really flatter both dark or blonde hair, and any skin tone. It also makes your teeth look white, which is an added bonus! It provides quite a glossy finish and makes the lips look much fuller.

It claims to lasts 10 hours on your lips. To be honest, I would say that my lips are stained for ten hours but the glossy finish or vividness do not last the full ten hours. I tend to top it up ever couple of hours, just like any lipstick really. It goes on very smoothly and feels very moisturising. My lips actually feel hydrated when I apply this and it does not show up any dry/ chapped patched at all.

Overall, I would definitely recommend investing in this Bourjois Lip Crayon! What are your thoughts?

Price: £7.99 Available to buy at Boots

Rosy x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clarins Multi Blush in 02 Candy

I've always been a little scared if trying cream blushes in the past due to my oily-combination skin. I didn't want it to just melt off or leave patches on my face. This cream blusher is absolutely gorgeous however, and I'm definitely a cream blush convert- well maybe a Clarins cream blush convert anyway!

The blusher contains Clarins's famous Light-Optimising Complex, which captures the light and makes the complexion luminous. It also contains rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower floral waxes, all of which combine to protect the skin against dehydration. Finally, this amazing little blusher contains a Vitamin E derivative which protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. So, as well as knowing that this blusher is being kind to my skin, the effects of these ingredients mean that the blusher stays put and does not cling to the drier areas of my cheek- a problem that I've had with blushers in the past. It is also long lasting; I apply it at 8am and by 6pm it's still in tact, looking just as nice!

The shade I've got is 02 Candy, but it also comes in three other shades, which can be found here. Candy is a really natural, warm shade that blends into my face so effortlessly. I have quite pale skin and it adds a a nice healthy touch of colour that looks like it's my normal complexion- but better! It can be built up easily the more colour you want but as a base this is absolutely stunning. I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (which comes in the Core Collection) to apply it and the two work really well together. It definitely needs a firm brush (like a more rounded foundation brush) to apply it with as the colour does not transfer well onto a soft brush.

I would highly recommend this cream blush to anyone that is looking for a natural-looking, low-maintenance but very effective blusher.

What do you think? 

Price: £18* Available to buy here

Rosy x

Monday, 10 February 2014

OOTD: Denim Shirts and Tartan Leggings

Shirt: Topshop
Jumper: Massimo Dutti
Necklace: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: New Look

As the rain continues to fall relentlessly across Britain, my recent outfits have had to balance fashion with practicality. This means two things on the whole: my shoes have to be water-proof and layers have become my new best friend.

Boots are always a winner when it comes to the miserable weather, and these wedges from New Look provide added height and sophistication, but are also rain-friendly. Layering black vest tops and t-shirts under a black jumper is a great way to keep warm instead of having to hide your nice clothes under coats and cardys. Throwing the denim shirt over any outfit adds a retro twist and makes it a little cool, and I love these green and navy tartan print leggings from Topshop.

What items are you wearing while the weather is being so impractical?!

Rosy x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Clothes and Beauty Haul

Here are the things I've been buying over the last couple of weeks...

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush
I'm a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes and this new bronzer brush looks fab. I really like that it's retractable as it's much more hygienic for carrying around in my bag.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I've read lots of great reviews about this brush and it sounds like it will be perfect for applying my foundation with- I can't wait to try it!

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons in 02 Fuchsia Libre and 04 Peach On The Beach
I really like lip crayons as they provide a good level of colour and pigment on the lips but with a more glossy finish than most lipsticks. The Fuchsia Libre is a gorgeous hot pink colour that really makes a statement, whereas the Peach on the Beach is a perfect pinky nude colour for the day. I will be reviewing these on here soon!

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner
This toner was a bit of an impulse purchase when I was browsing the other day. I'm in need of a hydrating toner and this one sounded great for normal/combination skin. The lavender makes it a soothing and pleasant scent. I like that it's a spray as I have the option of applying it with a cotton pad or just spritzing it straight onto my face.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
This face mask is a firm favourite in the beauty blogging world and I've had my eye on it for absolutely ages. I finally took the plunge and bought it a few weeks ago. It sounds like it will do wonders for my skin in terms of clearing and hydrating it.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
This is probably one of the most hyped-up products in the beauty blogging world. It's basically like an acid facial peel that you apply to your face two or three times a week and leave on overnight. It's supposed to make your skin clearer and brighter, I'm very excited to try it!

New Look Ankle Boots
Contrast black and white ankle boots are everywhere at the moment and it's a trend that I am seriously loving. These ones were a bargain and they're so comfy! They look great styled with jeans and leggings, or even dresses and tights.

New Look Beanie
My boyfriend actually found this beanie when we were in New Look a few days ago. It was a bargain at only £3, plus it actually looks quite cool on and it makes me smile :)

Primark Blue Fluffy Cropped Jumper
This lovely cropped fluffy jumper was calling to me in Primark the other day. It's a gorgeous colour and one that I don't wear that often so it's nice to have a change. They've got a whole range of different coloured fluffy jumpers in Primark, I'm very tempted to get a few more of them!

Primark Necklace
A statement necklace is a simple and easy way to make an outfit look effortlessly more stylish and fashionable. This one from Primark will go with everything and didn't break the bank either!

Topshop Blue Printed Top
This top caught my eye when browsing in Topshop because it's a bright and unusual print. I love the tassles at the bottom, giving it a 20s vibe. It will look great styled with black disco pants and heels. 

Miss Selfridge Cropped White Fluffy Jumper
As you can probably tell I'm loving cropped fluffy jumpers at the moment! This white one is so soft and it will go with everything.

What do you think about my purchases?

Rosy x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

John Frieda Hair Dye In Deep Brown-Black

I wanted a change this month so decided to dye my hair a lot darker than I normally do. I'm a big fan of the John Frieda Foam Precision Colour range as they are so easy to use and the gloves and bottle provided are fool-proof, much better than the L'Oreal ones for instance. The foam formula is less runny than normal hair dye and so is not as messy to apply. Whatever shade I have tried, they have all created a full, even coverage with no patches. I also never have any kind of reaction with the dyes which I have done with other brands, so it's a line that I trust. In terms of the Deep Brown-Black shade, I am really liking it! My hair looks healthy and thick, and I think the colour looks professionally done, so vibrant is the result. I am definitely going to dye my hair this colour again, I love it!

What do you think? Is anyone else a fan of the John Frieda hair dyes? 

Price: £9.99 (But often on offer for around £6.66 in Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets).

Rosy x

Monday, 3 February 2014

Clarins Spring Makeup Collection

I love seeing what new launches beauty brands have in the pipeline at the start of each year as I always find something that becomes a firm favourite. Last year, for instance, I fell in love with the Clarins Instant Light Perfector Lipglosses as they are so hydrating and nourishing for your lips, but also look and taste gorgeous. When I saw what Clarins have got in store this year I actually produced a little squeal of delight! Their spring makeup collection has just launched this very month and here are a few of the items that are included in it...

Clarins Radiance Boost Complexion Base
This Instant Light Radiance Complexion Boosting Base helps to eliminate imperfections and create a brighter, more flawless coverage. It can be worn on it's own for a natural boost or underneath foundation. I personally think this will be great for the summer, when you want to add a healthy glow to your face and want it to look natural.
Price: £26*

Multi Blush Cream Blush 
This blusher is such a beautiful and warm shade. It's a cream formula that easily blends into the skin to create a natural and light finish, but with a pop of pink. The blusher contains floral waxes such as rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower which protects the skin against dehydration.
Price: £18*

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette
This eyeshadow palette is simply divine. It looks and feels so luxurious, and the shades are beautiful. My personal favourite is the white highlighter shade, which is pearly and will really brighten up the inner corners of the eyes. The purple and grey shades will add great definition and can be built up for an evening look. It really is beautiful, I'd definitely recommend getting your hands on it!
Price: £31*

Gloss Prodige
I am definitely a lipgloss girl at heart. I love experimenting with lipsticks, and I am getting more confident wearing them, but I wear lipgloss everyday, on its own or over lipstick. This gloss is one of my favourites. It's not sticky and makes the lips look fuller due to the 'Suprashine Colour Complex'. In addition to this, the gloss contains raspberry oil which nourishes the lips, while the subtle light pink shade looks very pretty.
Price: £17*

Joli Rouge Brilliant Sheer Shine Lipstick
Last but certainly not least, these lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! The shades I have here are 19 Tropical Pink and 20 Coral Tulip, both of which make a statement. They are deeply moisturising, which is something that is important to me when looking for a lipstick as I hate that cracked/ cakey look. They are very soft, easy to apply and have a glossy finish.
Price: £18*

Individual, full reviews of some of these products will be coming up on the blog soon, in the mean time...
What do you think of the Clarins spring makeup collection? Which items are your favourites?

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