Friday, 28 February 2014

Popular Products That Did Not Work For Me

Most of the time I write positive reviews on products, as I rarely find bad ones (thanks to spending most of my spare time reading blogs and watching vlogs, every product is researched meticulously before I make the purchase!). However, there have been a number of very popular and much-hyped about products that haven't worked for me. All the products that I mention here I used for at least a month, so the experience and review is a thorough one. Also I should mention that I'm not saying these products aren't good- all of them have thousands of rave reviews on websites and on blogs (hence why I bought them in the first place)- but they just didn't suit my skin. My skin is combination; I have a oily patches (my nosy, chin and cheeks) and then a dry forehead- brilliant I know- so these products will probably suit other skin types much better. Without further ado, here are the products that my skin did not get on with...

Estee Lauder Eye Cream
-First of all, I love Estee Lauder skin care. I use their cleanser, toner and moisturiser every day, as well as their night serum every other day. I'm a big fan of the Estee Lauder night repair serum and so was very excited to try the eye cream version. Unfortunately this was too rich for my young(ish) skin (I'm 25) and I developed milia under my eyes for the first time in my life, which cleared up as soon as I stopped using this. For those of you that aren't familiar with milia, they are the little white bumps that form under your eyes when your pores are blocked, mainly as a result of using rich/heavy products. I'm sure this will work much better on more mature or drier skin.

Origins Super Spot Remover
-This seemed to work well at first but after a while it started to really irritate my face, making the spots even angrier and the area around them very red. This actually resulted in my complexion looking worse. It was a messy circle of cause and effect after a while, as the worse my skin got the more spot gel I put on, making the spots redder and more obvious. After a few months I stopped using this and started using the much gentler Eve Lom Dynaspot which calmed down the redness and helped heal the spots. It was obviously just too harsh for my skin, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has sensitive skin. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
-I thought this was wonderful when I first tried it as the next day my skin looked much clearer. However, after using it for a few weeks I noticed that I started to get lots of little under-the-surface bumps, particularly around my chin, jawline and cheeks. So, although this helped the spots that were on my face and certainly reduced their redness, it actually created a lot more little tiny spots under my skin, which could be seen over makeup as my skin was not smooth. As soon as I stopped using this the little bumps went away.

Clarins Instant Smooth
-It pains me to say that this did not work for me as it is such a cult product. It is the only Clarins product that I have ever been disappointed with- and that truly is a testament to Clarins as I've tried practically all their products! I wanted to use this as a primer to keep my makeup on and in place all day. Sadly my oily/combination skin melted this off and my makeup was patchy within a couple of hours. The Benefit Porefessional Primer worked much better for me. Maybe I would have better results if I didn't use this as a primer under makeup, just on its own, but then I wouldn't really use a product like that, I usually have full makeup or no makeup days, there's not really any in between days to be honest.

What do you think of this post? Has anyone else had a similar experience with any of these products?

Rosy x

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