Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dior Flash Corrector Pen

Having finally decided to give liquid eyeliners a go, I knew I would need a bit of practice before being able to create the perfect line. This Flash Corrector Pen by Dior is great for getting  rid of all my mistakes and ensuring that the eyeliner (and eye makeup in general) is looking good. The pen acts as an eraser and removes all makeup easily without smudging any bits that you want left on. It even removes Benefit They're Real mascara instantly- a notoriously tough product to get off! It has replaceable nibs for when one gets too dirty, meaning that it is hygienic and also lasts longer. The sales assistant recommended that I leave it stored tipped upside down so that the liquid is always on the pen-end.

This is a great little product to have to hand when applying eye makeup, especially as the pointed tip means that you can remove the tiniest of specks. It quickly erases any mistakes or smudges without removing any bits that you don't want to be removed. However, I think a cotton bud soaked in a good eye makeup remover (I would recommend the Clinique one) will do just as good a job and so, due to the price, I probably wouldn't buy this again.

What do you think about this Flash Corrector Pen?

Price: This was £22 when I bought it but it's now £11 on feelunique.com so much better value!

Rosy x


  1. What a bargain price for a Dior product, sounds pretty good too :) xx

  2. It's a nice concept, and it's a great deal on Feelunique, but I honestly don't think I would pay the full price for it when I can just use a cotton top :o) Xx

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