Monday, 31 March 2014

Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life

Recently I've had a lot of male birthdays and events to buy for. Dads, brothers, boyfriends, Grandads, I find men much harder to buy for than women and I'm always struggling to come up with new ideas. So, as I've had to get my brain in gear and buy presents for the men in my life recently, I thought I'd pass on my ideas to you guys and hope that it helps you out for when you're thinking of what presents to get them!

A Good Quality Man Bag

You can't go wrong with a good quality man bag. My boyfriend received one from his parents just like this gorgeous one from John Lewis and he takes it with him whenever he goes away. It looks effortless stylish, smart and expensive.

Ipad Cover

Most men have a tablet these days so a good quality case is a nice idea- and probably something that they won't have thought about getting themselves. This one from Mark Giusti is amazing quality leather and it can be used as a stand as well. 


Men always need to have a brown and black belt in their wardrobe so this is quite a safe bet- although I'd ask someone close to them for their measurements to ensure that you get the right size. This brown chunky one from Superdry will look good with any casual trousers and the colour can be easily matched to brown shoes. White belts are also quite popular amongst guys at the moment (I'm talking boyfriends and brothers here, not Dads!) and look great with a pair of blue denim jeans.

Wallet or Card Holder

My dad only ever uses a card holder, he prefers that to a wallet, but my boyfriend likes to have a wallet, so find out which one they prefer and invest in a good quality one for them. As these are items that men will have on them at all times, a stylish and quality one is a nice gift. They will appreciate it and you know they'll use it. This Mark Giusti one is really nice as it's very simple and you can tell the quality at a glance.


Aftershave is always a safe bet. Either find out what they normally wear and buy them a new bottle to keep them going or find one that you think will suit them. I personally love 1 Million so ensure that my boyfriend is stocked up on this at all times!

Does anyone else struggle to buy presents for men? What presents ideas have you got? I'd love more inspiration! 

Rosy x

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  1. Great ideas! My boyfriend and my dad both have their birthdays during my exams this year, so I've got to get sorted early! I love the man bag :)

    The Oxford Owl


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