Friday, 14 March 2014

MAC Eyeliner in Coffee

I've always thought that brown eyeliner looks better on me during the day as it isn't quite as harsh as black is in the natural light. Usually I use the No 7 brown eyeliners but I fancied a change and so ventured into the MAC department in Selfridges. I was quick to be assisted and various ones were tried and tested on my eyes. In the end I decided to opt for this kohl-like liner in Coffee as it seemed to be the colour that suited me best and the one that was easiest to blend. It's a very deep and dramatic brown, verging on black, I'd call it brown-black in colour.

The texture of this eyeliner is very soft. It blends really easily and is very easy to smudge when first applied- I do so with a small eye brush to create a softer look. Once you've blended it to how you like it, it stays in place all day and doesn't come off or budge at all. The colour doesn't fade or lose it's intensity either. It's highly pigmented, with no shimmer and even though it's brown it is very bold. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes bold eye makeup or a smokey eye.

Has anyone else tried MAC's eyeliners? What do you think? Any other eyeliner recommendations?

Rosy x

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