Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Investment Piece: A Designer Handbag

As I'm sure you're all aware, I love fashion and I don't believe you have to spend a fortune to look good or wear the latest trends. Yes, I want to own some timeless pieces that will keep for years, such as a good quality leather jacket, a black blazer and a well-fitting pair of jeans, but most of my clothes are from high street shops and my wardrobe is regularly restocked from season to season. 

However, I have a completely different philosophy when it comes to handbags. A very good quality handbag can make a whole outfit look one hundred times more expensive. Now, I don't have luxury handbag money coming into my bank account every month, I'm a PhD student after all, but what I do do is save for that one gorgeous item and treat myself once a year. Saving for a designer bag makes it seem even more special when you finally get your hands on it as you have that wonderful, self-satisfying feeling of having achieved something. Every time you use that handbag you will love it and be proud of it. Also, a handbag is worth investing in because a good quality one will last and last. Handbags will never go out of fashion and the real leather ones wear well, looking vintage and priceless after years of regular use.

So I thought I'd show you some of the handbags that I've got my eye on right now, and that I think are worth saving for...

This bag is simply stunning. It is made of very soft, high-quality saffiano leather by the Italian designer Rosalina Nacken. It's small enough to be the perfect evening bag but is big enough to fit all your essentials in such as your phone, keys and even tablet. I like that it has a long strap too as it looks elegant in gold. I love this colour, it's so unusual and would be absolutely perfect for spring/ summer to really brighten up any outfit. This bag also comes with a matching tablet case inside it which can also be used as a wallet clutch bag- so it's two bags in one! This makes the high price tag definitely worth it, especially considering the superior quality that you're paying for.

A big black bag is a classic and can be used any time, any day, any year. This one from Fendi has an unusual shape, making it a bit different. I love how big it is as I've always got lots of stuff with me, from books to makeup to flat shoes. It too is genuine saffiano leather, making it very durable- an essential when it comes to an everyday bag. I like that it is smart enough for day time or evenings too. 

A nude coloured bag is another investment piece that I am hoping to own one day. This one looks so sophisticated and classy, plus it will fit a lot in. Again, when paying high price points you need to make sure that it is amazing quality leather, which this one is. It will smarten up any day outfit. 

This bag from Anya Hindmatch is a real statement piece. It's made of orange goat leather and has a handy detachable shoulder strap for if it gets heavy. This one is also rather special as the sides expand, making it fit lots in- perfect for me!  

Finally, this little black Chloe bag is just beautiful. I love the floral shaped lock on it. It's simple and classic  but looks designer and quality. Again, it's superior quality leather and will go with everything.

What do you think about these bags? Do you believe in saving up for an investment piece? 

Rosy x

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  1. Without sounding like a 'show off' all my bags are designer. I have one or two high street clutches etc for evenings out that went with specific outfits but day to day it's more high end. I love treating myself to a new bag each year and they last forever. I'm never tempted by other alternatives and I always try to buy classic pieces - they're my babies and like an art collection to me.



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