Friday, 11 April 2014

Monthly Favourites

Here are the products that I've loved the most over the last month or so...

Umberto Gianinni Morning After Dry Shampoo
I've only ever used the Batiste Dry Shampoo before and so this Umberto Giannini one was a great surprise! It smells gorgeous and really refreshes my hair. It stops my hair from looking greasey but doesn't leave any residue or any white patches when rubbed in. It gives my hair another day before I need to wash it, which is always great when I'm in a rush!

Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance Moisturiser
I've only been using this moisturiser for about two weeks now so it's not really long enough to do a full review yet. However, I had to include it in my monthly favourites because, after using it every day since I got it, my skin is already much better! I've had a really dry forehead for months now and this moisturiser has completely got rid of that- the only moisturiser I've found that does so! Also, it mattifies the oily areas on my face simultaneously, and my skin just generally looks clearly and fresher. I'm loving it so far!

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster
I am absolutely in love with this product! It's brand new; before it came out I was counting down the days until I could get it (see my excited post here!). It's a made-to-measure fake tan, so you simply squirt a dallop of your normal face moisturiser onto the palm of your hand, and then add up to three drops of the tan oil and mix it together. It provides such a natural looking tan, I look so much better when I use this! It doesn't look orange, doesn't leave any streaks, doesn't smell and doesn't make me break out! Like I said, I'm in love with this product! I've got a full review coming up soon but it had to be included in my monthly favourites first!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This brush ensures that my foundation goes on really smoothly in a quick amount of time. I've been using it for around two months now and it makes my foundation look so much better. As with all Real Techniques brushes, it washes absolutely fine; it's got the quality of a high end makeup brush but without the huge price tag.

Clarins Instant Concealer
I've never really used concealers much but around late February I had a bad breakout and was very busy, so my eyes and skin were looking tired and irritated. This concealer has been a little life saver in terms of my appearance. It completely covers up my bags, brightening up my whole eye area. It is heavy enough to cover up spots, but not too heavy so that it looks obvious or cakey. It blends into my face and the rest of my makeup very well. It's been my favourite concealer for ages now and it's amazing to have on hand when your complexion is playing up!

Illamasqua Eyebrow Gel
This is a product that I've been using and loving for a while now- this is my third tube of it- so I thought that it warranted a mention. It sets my eyebrows every day, all day. It doesn't leave any residue whatsoever and the brush means that it's not a messy application. It's simply the best eyebrow gel that I've tried to date.

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Due to my new found lipstick obsession, I've needed to keep my lips in better shape. There's nothing worse than lipstick highlighting and clinging to dry patches on your lips. I've been using this every morning just before putting my lipstick on and it's got rid of the dry patches and made my lips super smooth before my lipstick application. It tastes scrumptious so it's a little treat to apply too!

Armani Rouge D'Armani Lipstick In Beige 101
This is the perfect nude lipstick. It's so similar to my natural lip colour that I can wear it all the time. It simply makes my lips look so much better but in a very subtle way. It's the softest, smoothest, most moisturising lipstick that I have ever tried. Yes, it's a treat and a luxury purchase, but it's so worth it and the quality can be seen and felt on the lips; it's a dream to wear.

Clarins Gloss Prodige in Coral Tulip
This lip gloss is just lovely; I've been wearing it most days this last month. It's not sticky at all and it tastes like raspberries! It's hydrating on your lips, due to the raspberry oil in it, and the shine is natural one- not too glossy or tacky. It contains a gorgeous coral pigment that looks sophisticated and is perfect for spring. See my full review here

Bourjois Lip Crayon in Fuschia Libre
This year I've become a lot more daring when it comes to lipstick. I absolutely love this bold pink colour! The Bourjois lip crayons are really smooth and hydrating, with a slightly glossy finish- which I much prefer to a matte one. The staying power of this lip crayon is very impressive, it lasts hours before needing a top up. See my full review here

Aveeno Hand Cream
This is the best hand cream I've ever tried. I used to use either the Soap and Glory Hand Food or the L'Occitane hand cream, but decided to give this one a try after the doctor recommended it to my parents. I put it on at night and, no kidding, my hands are so soft for the whole of the next day! I wash my hands a lot, and use antibacterial hand gel all the time (I know I have OCD haha!) so my hands do take a bit of a battering, but this hand cream seriously looks after them and they aren't sore or dry at all anymore!

What do you think about these products? What are your favourite products at the moment? 

Rosy x


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