Tuesday, 8 April 2014

OOTD: Sports Luxe

Mesh Top: Zara
Basic Cami Top Underneath: Primark
Shoes: H&M

Levi's Revel Jeans have liquid shaping technology fused into the denim at the top of the thighs to provide hold that 'lifts, shapes and defines' a woman's body. You can feel it when you put the jeans on; think support pants but without the ugliness as they're built into the jeans! Also, amazingly, these jeans are really comfortable! I hate uncomfortable trousers and, no matter how gorgeous they are, I'll always be put off wearing them if they're too tight. The Levi's Revel jeans are perfect though. They mould to your shape and really do make your bum look much better! I've been living in mine ever since I got them! The Revel range comes in three different styles according to your shape. They have the Slight curve, the Demi curve and the Bold curve. Each depends on your waist to hip ratio- i.e. if there is not much of a difference from the size of your hips to that of your waist then you will be a Slight curve. The lovely sales assistants in store will measure your curve type and your waist so that you will get the perfect fit. I was the Demi curve. Each jean comes in a range of different colours too- I was really torn between these black ones and the grey ones! I love the black though as I can wear them with anything, dressing them down in the day like this outfit, or up at night with heels and a pretty top. Finally, the Revel jeans only come in two lengths- a 32 and 34 inch- but as I am a 30 inch leg I needed them shortened. Levi's offer a free alteration service on all their jeans- you simply pick them up a week later- brilliant!

Enough about my favourite pair of jeans- seriously they are perfect though, you have to go and try a pair on! The rest of my outfit is channelling a sports luxe vibe with this mesh top from Zara and these cream heeled pumps from H&M. I love the bright orange trim on the Zara top, and the pumps are a comfy way to feel a bit more stylish during the day. It's strange because I used to have a pair of shoes just like these (maybe a slightly lower heel!) when I was about 8 years old! I loved them then and I love them still- is it a sign that you're getting old when you start to see trends coming back around again?!

Rosy x 


  1. Lovely Outfit likuing the jumper alot

    Carrieanne x


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