Friday, 4 April 2014

Soap and Glory Bloggers Event

Last week I had a lovely time at the Soap and Glory Bloggers Event in Propertea, Manchester. As usual, I went along with my best blogging chum, Victoria from inthefrow, and we had a very girly, fun evening. Sipping on raspberry and hibiscus champagne and eating scrumptious canapes, we smelt and tested some of the new Soap and Glory products. It was really interesting to hear more about the brand. For instance, I had no idea that the founder of Soap and Glory, Marcia Kilgore, also created the high end beauty brand, Bliss, and the fitness shoe, Fitflops. Before Marcia created Soap and Glory, she was a facialist to big celebs, including Oprah, Demi Moore and Madonna.

The lovely PR manager, Katie, told us about Soap and Glory's 'Hero' products, i.e. their best sellers, such as their Righteous Body Butter, the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss and the Flake Away Scrub. I'm a big Soap and Glory fan and love their signature sweet scent in the body washes, body lotions and hand cream so it was a real treat to smell and apply these all evening. Katie also introduced us to Soap and Glory's new products for Spring/ Summer 14. They have an orange-based theme with fragrances, body butters and body washes smelling very fresh and citrusy (the body wash is called Orangeasm and is pictured above). They also have a new and improved 'Sit Tight Super-Intense' cellulite banisher and 'Sit Tight Saddlebags'. The Sit Tight Super-Intense targets cellulite and fat on the thighs and the bum, and has a rollaball applicator which you use to massage it into those areas twice a day. The Saddlebags version targets the fat and cellulite on the side of the thighs and underneath the hips- known as saddlebags! I've got the Sit Tight Super-Intense version to try and I'll let you know how I get on- fingers crossed it works as it sounds brilliant! If any of you get this or the Saddlebags version I'd love to hear your thoughts too- please leave them in the comments below :)

What do you think about the new Soap and Glory products? What are your favourite Soap and Glory products? I'd love some recommendations!

Rosy x


  1. This looks so amazing, I really want to try some of their sit tight stuff, hopefully it turns out good :)

    Roo xx

  2. I've tried a few of their products and they are always amazing, they seriously need to get their act together and start selling their products here in spain! I need them!!! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  3. That cake looks sooooo good ha ha. What a fun event to get to attend! Great post!


  4. Aw I would've loved to have gone to this, it looks like an amazing little evening! I've wanted to try Orangeasm since I saw sneak peek pics from all you girls but now I'm sure I want to try Sit Tight Super Intense too!


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