Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucree Perfume

Angel perfume is very famous and has a very distinctive smell. Although I like the original on other people, I have never owned it as it doesn't suit me. I prefer sweeter, more fruity scents; Angel is a bit too heavy and musky for me. I couldn't believe my luck when I heard about the launch of Angel Eau Sucree. It's a much lighter, sweeter and fruitier version of Angel- very different to the original and definitely my cup of tea!

The scent includes the sweet yet tangy red berry sorbet, a crisp hint of caramalized meringue and the woody patchouli and soft vanilla. These smells combined make it really unique and fresh- I  almost want to eat it! It stays on for a quite a few hours, longer than a lot of perfumes I own. I can still smell it on my wrist after three hours for sure. Also, the actual bottle is gorgeous! It's very princessy with glitter around the edges of the blue glass- it makes me think of Cinderella! It's very luxurious and looks great on my dressing table. 

I absolutely love this perfume! It is now firmly in my favourite perfumes league table, alongside Armani Gold, Miss Dior and Lady Million (and possibly Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay!).  I would highly recommend having a smell of this when you're next passing the fragrance department- I think both fans and non-fans of the original Angel will like this.

Price: £42* for 50ml available to buy in the UK from most fragrance departments on 1st May

Rosy x

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