Sunday, 11 May 2014

Clarins Lip Balm Crayons

Brand new for Summer 2014, Clarins have brought out a range of Lip Balm Crayons. I have two shades: 01 My Pink and 02 Creamy Pink (The one in the photo). My Pink is a flattering, personal and moisturising lip balm. The pigments react with the pH of your lips to create your own unique shade. It's the most natural colour you could ever hope for, and it makes my lips feel so soft and moisturised. 02 Creamy Pink is a very warm, deep pink that is the perfect summer shade. It will  look amazing with a tan and is a great day colour.

The Lip Balm Crayons are very hydrating as they contain shea butter. They add a nice shine to your lips, making them look much fuller and softer. They are not sticky at all and taste amazing (very similar to the Clarins Instant Light Perfectors, which I also love!). I've tried quite a few different lip crayons recently, and the Clarins ones are by far the most moisturising and hydrating out of all the ones I've tried. They make my lips look so smooth and they don't cling to any dry patches like others can do. These are now my go-to day lip products and will continue to be throughout the summer.

What do you think about these Lip Balm Crayons? Do you have any lip crayon recommendations? 

Price: £18* (Available to buy here)
Rosy x


  1. Lip crayons are my favourite product! I am still yet try Clarins' ones but this creamy pink one looks lovely on you! :)

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