Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Hi my name is Rosy and I'm a shoeaholic. There I admit I have a problem. Everyone has a product weakness, that one type of item that they can't resist buying more of. My mum's is handbags, one of my best friends is dresses, mine is most definitely shoes. This month I seem to have gone even more crazy than usual! With the (well-rehearsed) excuse of a holiday coming up, the shoes in the shops have been calling to me, so I thought I'd show you my naughty habit in all it's glory....

Primark White and Black Pumps
I fell in love with these kind of pumps last summer as they look great with dresses, shorts, skirts and trousers- everything really! They're comfy and never rub (a problem I have with other kinds of flat shoes like ballet pumps). I love how cool and casual they look, dressing down pretty dresses to make them more wearable during the day. These ones from Primark were an absolute BARGAIN at just £3 each! They also had them in navy so I may have to go back for them at some point! 

Primark Sandals
No summer shoe haul would be complete without a pair of Primark sandals. They surpass themselves every year with their sandal offerings. There are so many different ones, all at such brilliant prices. These ones caught my eye as they are just so pretty!

Vagabond (via Asos) Black Leather Mules
Mules have recently come back into fashion and I've been flirting with the idea of getting pair for months now. I finally bit the bullet and moved this gorgeous Vagabond leather pair from my 'Save for Later' section to my basket on Asos when they had 25% off the other week. No regrets; they're so comfy! 


New Look Black Heels
I think black heels can look a bit wintery in summer sometimes, but this pair brought the colour firmly into spring with these cute little cut-out petal shapes along the top. They are the one pair of heels that I'm taking away with me as they go with absolutely everything.

Miss Selfridge Black Pointed Heels
These black, pointed heels definitely win the award for 'most tried on pair of shoes in a shop by one person ever'. I first saw them in Miss Selfridge about two months ago and I've tried them on at least once a week every week since (I live in Manchester city centre which means it's dangerously- for my bank account anyway- easy for me to pop into the shops). I've ummed and ahhed about them for so long, thinking about which outfits I'd wear with them at home, and desperately trying to justify adding yet another pair of black heels to my ever-growing collection. They went on sale last week and I did a little dance! They had one pair left in my size so I grabbed  them quickly and skipped to the till! 

Miss Selfridge Nude Heels
I've been searching for the perfect nude heels for a very long time, but I've never managed to find a pair that suits me. This nude has a kind on peachy-apricot tint to it (although it's not showing up amazingly on the photos) and looked much more flattering against my pale skin than other deeper nudes. 

What do you think of my shoe purchases? Is anyone else a shoe queen/ addict?!

Rosy x

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  1. What a haul!



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