Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Travelling in California: San Francisco

After travelling north up the pacific coast highway from Newport Beach (with plenty of stop overs on the way!), we arrived in San Francisco. First impressions of this great city were actually of surprise as the weather is so much colder here than any of the other places we've visited, it doesn't seem like it's in California! It's very windy and very misty, as you can see from the photos. I wore a thick jumper and coat the whole time!

On our first evening we headed to the marina and checked out the famous Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. It was really fun to walk around them as there was a really bustling atmosphere. They are full of shops and restaurants yet it isn't tacky at all, just very modern and clean. I bought an Alcatraz hoodie as a little souvenir- but also because it was cold! At the top left side of Pier 39 there are lots of sea lions! It was great to watch them splashing around and making lots of noise! It's such a novelty, as you just don't see that in England.

The second day we went to Alcatraz, a former maximum security prison on it's own island, just over a mile away from San Francisco. Notorious prisoners, such as Al Capone, were sent there, and it ran from 1934-1963, where Robert Kennedy shut it down as it was too expensive to maintain. With it's complete isolation and all the mist surrounding it, I can definitely see where J K Rowling must have got her inspiration for Azkhaban! I learnt so many interesting things about it from the audio tour (which is included in the ticket price), it really brought it to life through prison noises and stories of escape attempts and riots. For instance, the showers for the prisoners were actually warm, not cold like normal prison showers, so that if prisoners did manage to escape they wouldn't be acclimatised to the cold sea water! There was one possible successful escape; three men stole spoons and dug tunnels in the back of their cells where the vents were. They made fake vents out of cardboard to cover up the holes, and on the night they escaped they made fake heads out of soap and cement to put in their beds so they weren't actually discovered until morning! They crawled through the vents into the utility corridor and then climbed up the pipes onto the roof- prison break springs to mind!! They'd made rafts out of raincoats and no one ever saw them again so it's unknown if they made it to San Francisco or if they drowned. Fascinating!

On our final full day in San Franciso we walked up to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it was very misty every day that we stayed there so the bridge wasn't as spectacular as it would look on a sunny day. However, it was still a very vivid orange colour and impressive to look at. In the afternoon we headed over to Union Square for a spot of shopping. The shopping here is, as expected, very good. I had a splurge in Sephora I must admit! I finally got my hands on an Hourglass Ambiant Lighting Powder and a face powder, as well as a Sephora Bronzer Brush and a Caudalie Beauty Elixir. One thing that has surprised me about the shops here is that there are a lot that have separate men's stores- there's a HUGE Macy's here and then round the corner is a Macy's Men's store, ditto for H&M! 

I've had a great San Francisco, there's lots to do, see and lovely food to eat here- just remember to pack lots of jumpers!

Rosy x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Travelling in California: Santa Barbara to Monterey

For the past week my fiancé and I have been driving around California, taking in the beautiful sights and enjoying the sunshine. This week we drove to Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Elephant Seal Rookery, Big Sur and Monterey (the photos above are in that order too).

Santa Barbara is a very pretty place. In order to get to the main street we had to walk along the beach (it was so so nice to feel the warm sand beneath my toes!). State street, which is the main high street, is very Mediterranean in style and all the shops look high end and pretty (even H&M for example!). Macy's was designed like a European church. It was lovely to stroll down the street and pop in and out of shops at a leisurely pace. I even bought a few items from American Apparel and a Santa Barbara white souvenir jumper, which I've worn nearly every evening since haha (it's the one in the Morro Bay photo above!). We then had a nice meal, and a cocktail/beer afterwards, before walking back to the hotel along the beach, watching the sunset. Bliss.

After Santa Barbara we went to Morro Bay. There is an extinct volcano standing proud and dominating the harbour which is really quite breathtaking to look at. Other than that there really wasn't much to do there and so I'd recommend just stopping along the way somewhere rather than staying the night. Saying that we did have a very tasty meal (I had petrale sole and it was gorgeous!) overlooking the bay and Morro Rock. 

After Morro Bay we continued along the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, passing the Elephant Seal Rookery. We witnessed lots of elephant seals (which are lighter coloured than other seals and are huge! As shown on the photo above) lazing on the beach. They made weird belchy noises and were really interesting to watch. About a minute down the road we also saw a field of zebras! It really has been like living in one of David Attenborough's wildlife programmes! 

Driving through Big Sur was the most picturesque drive I've ever done in my life. With the Pacific Ocean on the left and the mountains on the right, the views really were spectacular.

Finally we arrived in Monterey after quite a long drive. We dumped the bags and headed straight to Fisherman's Wharf, a bustling pier full of restaraunts and little shops. We had a lovely Italian meal overlooking the harbour, watching the seals swimming around- they came right up close to us! The next day we walked the coast trail, a beautiful walk where we, again, watched the many harbour seals sunbathing on the rocks. At the end of the coast trail was Cannery Row, a street made famous by a John Steinbeck novel, and one that was historically dedicated to sardine fishing and canning. Although nothing like it was originally (the sardine fishing dried up in the 1960s), the street had a great atmosphere and was really interesting to experience. There were still some of the original canning company buildings that had been refurbished and lots of references to Steinbeck. 

So, I've had a fantastic week travelling and I'm looking forward to this week where we're headed to Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco and Napa Valley. I'll keep you posted! 

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Rosy x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

No 7 Lip Crayon in Romantic Soul

I love the colour of this lip crayon, it's absolutely gorgeous. I would describe it as a berry pink that is very pigmented. It is definitely a statement lip colour but one that is not as scary to wear as a red lipstick or even a hot pink, so one for the less brave (like me!). The only thing I don't like about this lip crayon is that it doesn't stay on very well. It fades quicker than others and can be a bit drying. This does make it quite high maintenance for a lip product. I love the colour so much that I still wear it but sometimes apply carmex over the top if my lips are on the dry side. 

Overall, I would say I really like the colour of this lip crayon and so I wear it quite a lot, but it does need to be reapplied quite often so keep it in your bag during the day for regular top ups!

What do you think about this lip crayon? What are your favourite lip products?

Rosy x

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Travelling in California: Newport Beach

Right now I am in Newport Beach, California, soaking up the sun and falling in love with the perfect lifestyle. My fiancé and I are travelling around California and a few other states over the next 5 weeks and I'd like to share my journey with you as much as I can.

We are currently exploring Corona Del Mar, a village in Newport Beach full of lovely independent shops and cafés. My Aunty, Uncle and cousin live here (along with their absolute cutie of a dog, Maxi!). Their house is only a minutes walk away from the beach, which has been absolutely amazing and so different to home (predictably Manchester was raining when we left!). 

Everywhere we go here caters for gluten free food, which is a huge thing for me as I have a gluten allergy and it's something I struggle with back home. Even the cinema and burger places have gluten free options, it's amazing! With the perfect weather, gorgeous, healthy food and stunning views, this place truly is heaven on earth. 

Rosy x
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