Sunday, 1 June 2014

Travelling in California: Newport Beach

Right now I am in Newport Beach, California, soaking up the sun and falling in love with the perfect lifestyle. My fiancé and I are travelling around California and a few other states over the next 5 weeks and I'd like to share my journey with you as much as I can.

We are currently exploring Corona Del Mar, a village in Newport Beach full of lovely independent shops and cafés. My Aunty, Uncle and cousin live here (along with their absolute cutie of a dog, Maxi!). Their house is only a minutes walk away from the beach, which has been absolutely amazing and so different to home (predictably Manchester was raining when we left!). 

Everywhere we go here caters for gluten free food, which is a huge thing for me as I have a gluten allergy and it's something I struggle with back home. Even the cinema and burger places have gluten free options, it's amazing! With the perfect weather, gorgeous, healthy food and stunning views, this place truly is heaven on earth. 

Rosy x


  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing time!


  2. This will certainly be a wonderful trip to treasure and revel in nostalgia in years to come! make sure you take lots of photos and have an amazing time!

    lauryn xo


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