Friday, 1 August 2014

Songs That I'm Loving At The Moment

As well as fashion and beauty, I want my blog to reflect more of my interests and so I'll be including more lifestyle posts from now on. One thing that I've never talked about on here is music. I've never been a music buff. When people ask me what music I like I always seem to panic because I like so many different songs, I couldn't really narrow it down to a simple genre or two. I'd probably have to say pop music was my favourite if held at gun point!

So, I may not be aware of all the cool up and coming bands, but I do like to find new songs to listen to quite regularly. I often go on iTunes to see their hot songs of the moment and their favourite songs, to see if there's anything I fancy, and always have my Shazam app on standby when I'm listening to the radio or in a store. 

These are my favourite songs at the moment, two of which I found on iTunes and one which was recommended to me by a friend in America (Lissie). I'd love to get any of your song recommendations- please let me know some good ones in the comments below- and let me know what you think about these three :) 

Beggin for Thread - Banks
This is a great song to have on in the background when you're getting ready. It's definitely a grower and I can't get it out of my head now!

I love Ella's voice, it's so powerful. I love listening to this song while I'm walking, it always makes me want to do a little dance down the street! 

This is definitely the most poppy of the three and won't be to everyone's taste. It's very girly and catchy but I love it.

Rosy x


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