Monday, 29 September 2014

OOTD: The White Dress

Dress: Rare London (here)
Jacket: Club Monica (USA)
Shoes: New Look (here)

Monochrome is huge this season and I can't get enough of it. It's effortlessly stylish and chic; you just can't go wrong with black and white. This dress from Rare London is a beauty. I love how different it is, combining the quilted material with the flattering racer top and drop waist, it's certainly got a 60s vibe going on. It could be very girly and elegant teamed with a pair of delicate heels and a clutch bag, but I decided to give it a bit of an edge with my biker jacket and chunky shoes.

What do you think? 

Rosy x

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Be Nice To Yourself

It's easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts. We all have insecure moments. That one negative thing or comment always sticks with us, even if it is amongst ten positives. What we don't realise is how much damage it is doing to our self esteem, and how the only person who is being affected by all that negativity is ourselves. It's so important to try and remain positive. You are who you are, you're only here once, so you might as well stop beating yourself up and learn to be nice to yourself. Your life will be better for it, I promise.

A big step towards being nice to yourself is to accept compliments. Just say thank you. It's not hard, right? Wrong. So many of us struggle with such a simple thing of smiling and saying thank you after someone pays us a compliment. If someone says they like your dress do you ever say 'oh this old thing?' or 'what this? I got it in the sale?' or 'it was only a tenner!'? Or if someone compliments the way you look do you say 'oh I got ready in such a rush', or 'oh no I look awful today'? Sound familiar? We feel the need to bring ourselves down. Stop it. Next time someone pays you any kind of compliment just say thank you. It doesn't sound big headed, the person paying you the compliment wants you to feel good and will probably feel good in turn if they think they've made you happy. It just makes your mind feel better about yourself, which will do wonders to your self esteem. 

Another way to improve your self esteem is to actually say nice things to yourself. I talk to myself all the time when I'm alone at home. Instead of chastising yourself for being an idiot, take a few minutes out to actually think about things you've achieved. This is particularly important to do on those low days. Just congratulate yourself and say well done for anything that you've done recently. Like, if you've recently done a presentation at work, or had a job interview, or had new blog followers this week, or even cooked a nice meal for the family, congratulate yourself on your hard work. You'd say well done to someone else if they'd achieved that, so make sure you say it to yourself too.

Following on from this, you need to learn to be proud of yourself and what you have achieved. Instead of thinking other people's lives/ blogs/ relationships are better than yours, stop comparing yourself to them (believe me they'll have problems that you're not even aware of!) and focus instead on everything good about your life/ blog/ relationship. You should be proud of yourself for even setting up and maintaining a blog, it takes a lot of hard work and effort, don't do yourself down about it. Just try to see the positive things about your life. Write them all down if you think it will help. List all the reasons why you should be happy- your loving family, some great friends, a boyfriend who loves you, a job you enjoy, a holiday coming up etc etc.

Stop yourself from saying negative things as your subconscious will believe them. Learn to be nicer to yourself and you'll be happier for it.

Are you too hard on yourself? What tips have you got for being nice to yourself? 

Rosy x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hair Trade Hair Extensions

My hair is about shoulder length now, and I've been growing it for over a year (it was really short before!). Sometimes I wish I had long hair again, but I still remember how much hassle it can be and how it gets in the way (the reasons why I went short in the first place!). Hair extensions seem to be the perfect solution, as I can have long hair when I want it, but take it out when I don't.

The most important thing for me about hair extensions is that they look natural. That means that the colour needs to match, the hair needs to be real and it cannot be obvious where my hair ends and the extensions start. So, with that in mind, I gave Hair Trade full head extensions a go. Hairtrade have several different kinds of extension; different styles, colours and lengths.

I got the Straight 18 Inch Extensions in Darkest Brown. The extensions are real hair so look very natural, and the colour match was great on my hair! There's a lot of choice and variation in the colours as well so there should be a good match for everyone.

There's a tutorial video on the website so, using that as a guide, they were very easy to put in. You can watch the tutorial of how to put them in under the 'how to' tab on the product page here. You simply section your hair and start with the 6 inch pieces at the bottom of your head, then work your way up. On the back of my head I had two 6 inch pieces, followed by two 8 inch pieces. This made my hair nice and thick and more natural looking.

As you can see from the photos, they are clip in extensions. This means that they are not bad for your hair and are easy to put in and take out. The clips feel very secure, even when curling my hair and  tugging them. I thought they looked more natural curled than straight so I curled them with my Ghds, just like my normal hair. As it's real hair, you can style them, straighten and curl them however you want. There's also instructions for washing them.

Overall I really like these extensions and I will definitely be wearing them for special occasions and night's out!

Price: £59.99*
You can get 20% off at the moment using the code 'FULLHEAD' at the checkout!

What do you think? 

Rosy x

Some of the products in this post have been sent to me to review. Please see my disclaimer for more information. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

John Lewis A/W14 Collection

Last weekend, John Lewis invited me along to see a showcase of their A/W14 collection. They included a wide variety of brands, some of which catered for me but many of which catered for my mum. There were some lovely items in their collection and I've included my favourites in the photos:

What do you think of their items for this season?

Rosy x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Recipe: Simple Salmon and Tarragon Pasta

This recipe is super quick and easy. It's a really warming, comforting dish that is very filling. Despite some of the rich sounding ingredients, it's actually very fresh and fairly light as the vegetables are not cooked for long and it isn't a very runny or thick sauce. The fresh basil on top really makes it.

Ingredients (Serves 2)
1 Onion 
2 Cloves of Fresh Garlic 
1-2 Courgettes
Half a Pack of Mushrooms
1 Pepper
1/2 to 3/4 of a Packet of Smoked Salmon 
2 tablespoons White Wine Vinegar
2 tablespoons Tarragon
3 tablespoons (or enough to cover) of Creme Freche 
Handful of Fresh Basil
Salt and pepper

1. Boil the pasta with a dash of salt and olive oil.

2. Fry the onion and mushrooms for a few minutes until starting to go golden. Then add the garlic, pepper and courgette. If you want a slight kick I sometimes add half a fresh chilli as well at this stage, but that's optional.

3. After the veg is all looking nice and golden, add the salmon, tarragon and white wine vinegar. Mix it well together. Add a little water if necessary.

4. After a minute or so add the creme freche and stir it well, covering everything. It shouldn't be very runny. When the pasta is done mix it altogether.

5. Season to taste and then add the basil on top.

Rosy x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Favourite Clarins Products and The Feed 10 Free Gift

This is just a quick post to let you all know about a campaign that is for a great cause but also is a nice little treat for you!

Clarins is collaborating with FEED Projects to help fight the worldwide childhood hunger epidemic through the launch of the 'Gift with Purpose'.  Each FEED 10 gift funds 10 nutritious school meals for children in developing countries through the UN World Food Programme.

The campaign works, and the children get 10 meals, when someone buys 2 Clarins products (one to be skin care) in order to receive the free FEED10 gift. The Free Gift contains 5 iconic products:
Moisture-Rich Body Lotion,
Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate,
Gentle Refiner,
HydraQuench Cream Mask
and the Hand & Nail Cream.
The free gift, and FEED10 campaign, is running on all Clarins counters from 21st September to 4th October.

So if you're wondering what to buy, some of my favourite Clarins products that I would definitely recommend are:

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner
This makes my skin brighter and clearer, getting rid of dry patches and spots. It's also quite gentle on the skin. I featured it in my current favourite skin care products post here recently. 

Clarins Cleansers
I've never had a bad experience with Clarins cleansers, or with any of their toners come to think of it. They're all quite gentle and calming on your skin. I'd definitely recommend trying the one that is most suited to your skin type. 

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster
This is amazing- it mixes in with your face moisturiser to add a bit of tan. It's very simple and natural looking. Read my full review here

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream
This is my favourite body fake tan in the world. It's very natural-looking and moisturising. Read my full review here

I love the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors!! They're so hydrating yet the colour pay off is fantastic. I did a review of one ages ago here, and I've got a new review coming up soon as I've tried more of them now- they're one of my favourite ever lip products!

Clarins Instant Concealer
My favourite concealer. It covers up my spots and dark circles as well as brightening up my whole eye area, never creasing and lasting all day. Enough said! I reviewed this on my blog (here) over a year ago and I still use it nearly every day today.

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadows
I've been raving about these eyeshadows since they came out. They have the finish and blend-ability of a cream shadow but the staying power of a powder shadow. I featured them on my blog here.

What are your favourite Clarins products? Or are there any that you fancy trying? 

Rosy x

Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy Oil

I dye my hair about once a month so I'm always on the look out for products that will help keep it healthy and stop it from drying out. When I came across the Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy oil I was excited to try it, as it's a completely natural product and sounded like it would really benefit my hair. It contains 5 super oils that are combined to improve the condition and strength of your hair. It is made with Coconut, Avocado, Almond and Castor oils which all work in sync to promote growth, thicken hair and make it shine. Finally, it contains a citrusy scented Grapefruit oil, which fights dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy. This makes it smell really fresh and different to other hair oils. Best of all though, there are no silicons, sulphates or parabens, so it won't damage your hair in any way. 

There are two ways to use this hair oil:
1. As a hair mask/ treatment before you wash your hair.
2. To put on the ends of your hair when it's wet before you dry it. 

1. When I use it as a treatment mask, I cover my hair from root to tip with it. I did it when I woke up on Saturday morning then simply tied my hair up for about 2 hours before showering and washing my hair. My hair naturally gets greasy quite quickly and I found that, although my hair was lovely and soft, and more sleek and less frizzy than normal, it did go greasy quicker than it usually does, meaning that I had to wash it sooner than I normally would have done. However, if I was planning on styling my hair, such as curling it or putting it up, then this would work well because although your hair is clean, it's easier to style.

2. When I use it after I've washed my hair, I simply pour some onto my hand then rub my hands together and then run them through the ends of my hair. It doesn't make my hair greasy at all like some other hair oils do, and it makes it really soft to touch. 

My only criticism with this hair oil is the design of the bottle. It's a shame because it looks gorgeous on my dressing table with the glass and cork stopper. Yet, in reality, it's just not that practical as it can pour out too quickly and you end up pouring too much out- just a word of warning! Also, as pretty as the cork is, it doesn't feel very secure so I probably wouldn't take this away with me.

Overall, I really like this hair oil and how natural all the ingredients are, it feels like it's really good for my hair. I will use it on regular basis on the ends of my hair after washing it, and then now and again as a treatment. 

Price: £17.99*

Rosy x

Some of the items in this post have been sent to me to review. Please see my disclaimer for more information. 
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