Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week: Fashion Scout with The Body Shop

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend London Fashion Week and Fashion Scout by The Body Shop this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, being pampered and treated like a VIP. I came away full of inspiration and with so many fashion tips for next spring/summer.

The first show that I saw was the Kiev Showcase (photos below), which consisted of four Ukrainian designers: Anna K, Anton Belinskiy, Yasya Minochkina and Lera Leshchova as well as Leonid Zherebtsov from Kazakhstan. They have combined on their #FASHIONFORPEACE campaign which advocates fashion as a weapon of hope.

My favourite was the Anna K SS15 collection, which is the first 4 photos below. There are so many pieces that I would wear from it, I love the statement prints. Anna's clothes represent a girly, cool and fun side to fashion, with a 'not-too-serious' attitude.

Next up was Lera Leshchova. Her designs focus on elegance that highlights the feminine silhouette, with lots of pure, geometric lines and delicate draping. Her cut-out oversized coat (pictured below) was my favourite item from her collection. I love the pink, blue and yellow colours used throughout.

Next was Anton Belinskiy with his signature clash of different textiles, colours and prints. His SS15 collection was very bright, yet most striking were the denim hats! The collection was very out there and fun, I particularly liked the crop tops.

Then came Leonid Zherebtsov, who focuses on quality tailoring and aims to create timeless, comfortable clothing. He works with natural fabrics and sustainable faux-fur and leather. This came through in his SS15 collection, all of which was very wearable. I loved the yellow and black suit two-piece, the black and white faux fur jacket and the red, white and black striped dress.

Finally, Yasya Minochkina, finished the show with her modern, elegant and minimalist items. I loved the mesh detail in the second half of her collection, the lime green and black pieces were stunning!

The models hair and makeup was very neutral and sophisticated, with low ponytails and nude shades.

Anna K

Lara Leshchova

Anton Belinskiy

Leonid Zherebtsov

Yasya Minchkina

Next I watched the Dora Abodi show (photos below). Celebrity fans of Dora Abodi include Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and Trish Summerville, who is the costume designer for The Hunger Games. The collection features a lot of cult imagery and futuristic, technological styles.  It combines opulence with rigid and robotic technology to create very dark and metallic, yet vivid, prints. The fabrics included are printed silk, leather and pearls. I absolutely loved the shoes- check out the last photo, I had to get a close up! Also, sat just in front of me, was an artist who draws the models as they go down the catwalk in real time. You can see one of her images below, it was very impressive to watch!

In between the shows we were treated to makeovers by The Body Shop, which lasted all day without needing to be topped up. Their Colour Crush 'Rush of Pink' Lipstick is a particular favourite of mine! I also had my nails done by Glenis Baptiste using the new Colour Crush Nail Shades. The shades Glenis used on me are Got The Blues & Frosting Fancy at the bottom half of my nail. I really like the grey shade as well- I was torn between that and the blue but I went for the blue as it went well with my dress :)

The Body Shop did all the makeup for Fashion Scout and in the shows that I saw they looked stunning; from neutral, nude looks to prominent dark and smokey looks- the photos speak for themselves. The Body Shop truly have the AW14 and SS15 trends covered in the beauty world.

I had an amazing day and saw some gorgeous clothes, thank you very much The Body Shop!

What do you think of the SS15 collections? Are there any pieces that you would wear? What did you think of the LFW shows this year? 

Rosy x


  1. This looks amazing!! I really wish I had gone to LFW but was in London the week before and live so far away :( it looks sooooo inspiring! xx

    Jessie || allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Looks like such a great experience, I can only imagine how amazing the atmosphere would be! Looks like you had a great time x
    Sarah -


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