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My Current Favourite Skin Care Products

Skin care is a huge passion for me, and something that I certainly invest a lot of time and money in- you only get one face! These are my favourite skin care products at the moment, all of which are working well together and keeping my skin pretty clear and hydrated.

My skin is normal-combination. I get spots, mainly on my chin and cheeks (especially during that time of the month!). I also get dry patches and can have an oily t-zone. So, I need products to prevent and clear spots, but they can't be drying or harsh as my skin will react badly to them. My skin also hates products containing oil- I always use oil-free moisturisers- as it breaks me out instantly. I would also say that my skin is fairly sensitive and all the products I use seem to be quite gentle and don't cause reactions.

So, the following products are working well for me, and if you have similar skin problems I would recommend trying them, although everyone's skin is different obviously. 

This takes all my makeup off. It smells lovely and works really quickly, making my makeup-removing routine much easier and less of a chore. It doesn't sting my eyes whatsoever and works just as well as all the high end brand cleansing oils that I've tried. Absolute skin care staple in my opinion. 
Price: £7.99 (but there's usually an offer on somewhere for less!)

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel
I always second cleanse. The first one removes all my makeup and the second one cleanses my skin. I've found doing this over the last year and a half has improved my skin a lot. This gel cleanser really cleanses my skin whilst keeping it hydrated at the same time. It contains botanical amino acids, hydrangea leaf, green tea, and geranium, which offer natural complexion-protecting and perfecting benefits. It's also free from sulphates, parabens and phthalates. It says it suits all skin types. 
I got this whilst I was in the States at Sephora and I wish I'd bought more of it. You can buy it from the Sephora website but it costs £6 to ship and you have to spend £75 in total. It's worth it if there's a few items that you want, but if you're going abroad I would definitely look out for this brand at the nearest Sephora. 
Price: $26

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This toner smells really fresh. It soothes and brightens my skin without drying it out. I use it day and night to further cleanse and hydrate my skin after cleansing. It contains organic aloe vera to revitalise and soften the skin, and calendula, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin.
Price: £13.25

Clarins Exfoliating Brightening Toner
I use this exfoliating toner 2 or 3 times a week to really give my face a thorough clean. I use it straight after cleansing my face as normal, before my Liz Earle soothing toner. It's actually really gentle and doesn't sting my skin at all. This surprised me at first because I expected it to be quite harsh (it's nothing like Alpha-H Liquid Gold for instance). It smells nice too. Although it's great at deeply cleansing and purifying my skin, it doesn't dry me out and makes my skin look clearer and brighter after I've used it. 
Price: £25

I've been through so many moisturisers in my time. Like I said, I need one to be oil-free, to prevent and heal spots, but also hydrate the normal and dry areas on my face. A tough brief. I've been using this Elemental Herbology moisturiser for a while now- this is my 3rd bottle. It agrees with my skin like no other ever has, and actually manages to do all the things that I want it to. The only downside is the price, which does sting me every time, but I still think it's worth it for the results it gives to my face. 
Price: £42.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II
This night serum certainly puts a big dent in my purse when it runs out but it just works so amazingly well on my skin. I wince every time I purchase it but when I wake up in the morning and my spots have faded, my redness and dry patches have nearly vanished and my skin is looking generally perkier and healthier, it does make me think it's worth it. It lasts ages as you only need to use a little bit every night so I only need to repurchase it about three times a year max. It sinks in immediately and isn't greasy in the slightest- it's a serum not an oil. I put it on after my toner and then put my moisturiser on top of it. It contains Catabolysis technology (purifying), which is a complex of active ingredients that includes an algae extract and a yeast extract that is proven to support skin cell natural catabolysis activity. It also contains Chronolux technology (synchronizing) which is a powerful clock gene technology that helps support the natural synchronizations of the skin's night time process so that skin renews itself at exactly the right time. 
Price: £43 for 30ml or £69 for 50ml

Eve Lom Dynaspot
This is my go-to spot cream. Yes it's pricey which is a bummer, but it's the only one that doesn't dry my skin out or irritate it further. It speeds up the spot-healing process so much; my spots will disappear in about 2 days rather than the usual 4-5. It's a thick, light pink paste and it can get all over your pillow when wet so I make sure I apply it at least 15 minutes before I lie down to give it time to dry. It's a night-only (or lazy weekend day!) spot cream in the sense that it can't be concealed or worn under makeup. The tube also needs to be shaken well before using it otherwise it will be too runny. Worth every penny in my opinion.  
Price: £22

Clinique All About Eyes
I need a light eye cream as heavier ones have resulted in me getting milia in the past (the small bumps under your eyes). This Clinique one soothes my eyes after a long day, reducing puffiness and dark circles. I simply pat a little bit underneath each eye with my ring finger and let it sink in every night. 
Price: £26

What are your favourite skin care products? Any recommendations? 

Rosy x


  1. I have tried the Estée Lauder serum but just didn't think it made that much difference to my skin which was disappointing as I've heard so many good things about it. I really want to try some of the Liz Earle products next though as they look fab :) xx

  2. This is the perfect post for me as I get really bad spots and used to avoid a skincare routine before as I was scared to make my skin worse :( I really want the Liz Earle tonic it sounds fantastic xx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. A few of my favs in here. The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is great! xx

  4. I am terrible at skincare! I don't really know what type I am and I'm afraid to say I hardly spend any time on my skin - bad I know. Good product recommendations! xo

  5. I've been tempted to pick up the L'oreal cleansing oil, I'm definitely going to get it now! It sounds like it will make my evening routine much much quicker!


  6. I love the Estee Lauder advanced night repair as well! It works great for reducing the redness of my skin :)


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