Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wedding DIY & Crafts

It's no secret that I've just got engaged- I may have shouted it from the rooftops a few times haha! It's been almost 5 months now and the wedding planning is really getting into full swing. We've got a venue booked and have set a date, and now all the decorating and DIY begins. I've always wanted to make my own decorations and to really immerse myself with all the little details, so this is the first set of crafts I'll be doing of many. 

This post focuses on some of the centrepieces and table decorations. This is by no means the final vision that I have, but I do like the mixture of jugs, bottles and wood, so this is the kind of thing that I will be having on the day (with more flowers and more finesse obviously!). The first item that I wanted to get started with was luggage tags. They are so versatile; so many things can be made with them, such as the seating plan, the place names and the table numbers. I love these white luggage tags from Viking as they are really classy and simple. For the table numbers, I wrote the number on with the paint pen. Then I simply cut out a piece of cardboard (all of which I've been hoarding every time we get boxes!) and then sprayed it with spray mount before securing the luggage tag on top. I then simply tied it around the neck of the bottle. These paint pens are brilliant as they write on every surface- from paper to glass to wood to fabric, all of which I'm using in my wedding so it's great to have one pen that does it all. I've already collected some wood and will be writing on that to make wedding signs so I'll show you them soon- watch this space!

The second item that I made for the table was an 'I Spy' game. I got the inspiration for this from Pinterest and have adapted it to feature the kind of photos that I want to be taken at the wedding. I simply wrote the game on some good quality cream paper and then used spray mount to stick it to cardboard. The cream paper is thick, kind of in between paper and card, so feels quality, but it is also thin enough to fit into the printer. For the actual wedding I am going to print the game straight onto the cream paper as it will look better than writing it, but otherwise this is exactly what it will be like. It's just a bit of fun and will get everybody at the table talking, as well as working together to get some brilliant photos for us.

They'll be lots more wedding DIY and crafts posts over the next year and a half as I've only just started! I hope you like them and that they're useful. I'd love to hear your thoughts and any ideas that you've got too!

Rosy x

Some of the items in this post have been sent for me to review. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


  1. OMG these are absolutely awesome love the I spy game and luggage tags and CONGRATTTS xx

    Blonde of Carbs

  2. This looks great! I can see your wedding being so amazingly decorated! :D



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