Thursday, 6 November 2014

Recipe: Healthy Fajitas

For vegetarians simply leave out the chicken and substitute it for beans or quorn if you prefer. I regularly make this with the tin of 'Three Bean Salad' instead of the chicken when I want a veggie night. You might think carrots are a bit of a weird one to include in fajitas but I think that they work well and I love the crunch that they bring- plus all those extra nutrients and vitamins!

As I'm gluten-intolerant I also use gluten-free wraps, or corn wraps if they have no wheat in them, but of course you can use any wraps- or just iceberg lettuce if you're feeling really healthy!

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
I Packet of Chicken Breast 
2 Peppers
Handful of mushrooms
2 Carrots
1 Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
Half a Red Chilli
Fresh Spinach
Smoked Paprika
Salt and Pepper
I packet of Tex Mex (If I have lots of time on my hands or I'm cooking for guests I do make my own salsa and guacamole which are surprisingly simple to make and much tastier! But this is a dinner for a week night and there's no time for extra faff!)


1. Fry the chicken in olive oil on a medium- high heat, adding salt, pepper and paprika. After the chicken is fried and a little crispy (about 10 mins) take it out of the pan and put aside. This ensures that it doesn't go soggy from all the water from the vegetables.

2. Fry the onion, mushrooms, garlic and chilli on a low-medium heat for a few minutes, until golden.

3. Add the peppers and carrots along with another pinch of smoked paprika. Add a little water if the pan is a bit dry. *If you don't like your carrots to be too crunchy you can boil (or part-boil) them separately and add them at this stage too.

4. Add the chicken and the spinach. Season to taste and serve.

5. Put the wraps on a plate and microwave for 1 minute to warm through.


Rosy x


  1. This looks so appetising, thanks for making me hungry!
    I'll definitely have to try making this soon :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. MMM yummy this looks absolutely delicious and definitely a lot healthier than what I do! Has to be one of my favourite meals, so I will try and give this a go xxx


  3. These look absolutely delicious! Great recipe.

  4. I do love fajita's and if you can make a healthier version of a favourite meal then why not! This look delicious ad very colourful!

    ~ K

  5. Yum! We're going to have fajitas this weekend now thanks to this post! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for my questions ( and I'd love for you to reply.

  6. I am also gluten intolerant & struggle getting out of my usual suspects of rice/quinoa/potato so this recipe is being used tonight! So happy we connected on Twitter:)

    Lucy & Oli


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