Friday, 23 January 2015

Primark Pyjamas and Home Haul!

Primark have got some amazing pyjamas and loungewear in store right now. Granted, I'm a huge Harry Potter and Disney fan, so I literally want it all, but they also have some really nice PJ bottoms and slogan tees, so there's something for everyone. I've been meaning to buy new pyjamas for ages now, as my collection consisted mainly of old t-shirts- either mine, my fiancé's or my parents'! So, yes, it's about time I had a clear out and replaced all the old t-shirts with some snazzy new ones, and boy, are they snazzy!

Mickey Mouse Nightie
- So I haven't worn a nightie since I was in single digits but this one was just calling out to me! It looks super comfy and not too babyish with it being black- I hope?!! It's a great length, just above the knee.
Price: £7

Harry Potter Ravenclaw T-shirt
- I like to think I'm in Ravenclaw :)
Price: £6

Grey Hogwarts T-shirt
- Can you tell I'm a Harry Potter fan?!
Price: £6

Disney Villans T-shirt
- Love this! It's very retro and reminds me of tops I wore when I was little! They also had Lion King ones which I was very tempted with!

Blue Varsity T-shirt
- This is a lovely colour, nice and comfortable and it goes with the floral PJ bottoms further down. Complete bargain!
Price: £4

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That T-shirt
- This is one of my favourite phrases; my fiancé and I are always saying it to each other so I had to get it! Bargain as well!
Price: £4

Cuffed Pyjama Bottoms with Floral Print
- I much prefer cuffed bottoms as I find loose bottoms ride up my legs during the night! I'd highly recommend Primark's cuffed PJ bottoms, they're very comfy and warm and they don't make you sweat. Honestly, I'm really fussy about PJ bottoms and these are fab! This print is beautiful too.
Price: £8

Cuffed Pyjama Bottoms in Navy
- Again, some navy cuffed bottoms. These ones are very lightweight and loose.
Price: £6

Cuffed Leg Pyjamas with Polar Bear Print
- How cute is this print?! More blue, comfy cuffed bottoms!
Price: £5

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Sweat Pants
- These sweatpants are awesome! They had each of the houses, and although I claim to be a Ravenclaw (or at least a Griffindor!), I proffered the grey colour so I figured I can be a Hufflepuff when I'm relaxing at home!
Price: £10

Minnie Mouse Fleece
- This is on sale so be quick if you want it. The sizes are quite small so make sure you try it on first. I like my hoodies/ fleeces to be quite big as their primarily function is to be warm and snuggley. I got a size 14 (I'm usually a 6-8) and was even considering the 18! I've been wearing this for 3 days straight now, I love it, it's my favourite item from this whole haul as it's SO warm!
Price: £7

I know I went a bit crazy in there- I admit it- but at one point I had three, THREE, full big baskets of pyjamas and loungewear! I could have bought so much more and it was really hard choosing which items to get, I hated having to narrow it down!

Primark Home Haul 
I really like Primark's home selection. I think they're getting better and better as each new range comes in. The prices are amazing, as you'd expect, but the products look much more expensive than they are. If you haven't seen it before, next time you're in Primark I'd definitely recommend having a little look. Here's what I got.... 

Love Grey Cushion
- I love this French Grey colour so was thrilled to spot it in Primark! It looks lovely on my black sofa.
Price: £4

Grey Beautiful Canvas
- I thought this canvas picture was really cute, and would be a nice thing for me to look at in our living room. It goes really well with the cushion- it is exactly the same colour grey, the light just changed so it looks different on the photo!
Price: £2.50

Cream and Cork Board Shabby Chic Photo Frame
- How nice is this photo frame? It's the kind of frame that if I saw it in a cute little independent shop I'd expect to pay about £12 for it, so at £3 it's a steal!
Price: £3

Grey Pineapple and Ginger Candle
- Again, I'm loving grey accessories for the living room at the moment and this candle looks lovely in my hurricane vase.
Price: £2

What do you think about my items? 
What have you been buying recently? 
Any other amazing buys that I somehow missed in Primark?!

Rosy x


  1. I have some minnie mouse pj's form there and bambi ones too but this fleece looks amazing! xx
    LemonaidLies | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

  2. LOVE all the Harry Potter stuff!! xx

  3. SO many lovely things, what a great haul! :)

    Tabby x

  4. I find it so difficult to leave Primark without purchasing some pjs! You've picked up some lovely ones, the polar bear print is so cute! Also, I'm loving the homeware bits, that candle sounds divine!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  5. I love Primark hauls so your post is great! they do such nice Harry Potter things in there don't they! :)

  6. I love the mickey mouse nightie that is gorgeous and huge amounts of love for the HP haul, love it xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  7. I've been looking for a ravenclaw tshirt for ages, I'm gonna go get that tomorrow! I love the pillow it looks so pretty :) great picks, I feel like I need to go to primark again now!

  8. Primark Pyjamas are my favourite! I have so many pairs, they are super comfy x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  9. What a fab haul! I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter tops (I'm also a big fan) so I think I'll have to make a trip to Primark soon! xx

    Michelle What Shell Says

  10. Such a lovely haul! I especially like the Disney villains tee & homeware bits! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  11. Omg I love the hogwarts tshirt! The blue floral pyjama bottoms are really cute too
    Kirsty x


  12. Love all of this! Especially the aint nobody got time for that top! I seriously need to get down to Primark! xx


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