Friday, 27 February 2015

10 Things Northerners Think When Visiting London

1. How is it this busy all the time?! I would not want to do this in rush hour.

2. The tube is pretty amazing. And they come so often!

3. London is so big! Your commute to work or going on a night out must take you forever to get to and from!

4. How much??!

5. Why do they not do gravy down here? What is that about?!

6. Must remember to stay on the correct side of the escalator or all hell will break loose.

7. You have two of the same shop on Oxford Street- why??? 

8. It really doesn't take that long to get here on the train, I should visit more often.

9. I wonder how many celebrities I'm going to see. Boris must be around here somewhere! 

10. Do I need an oyster thingymabob? 

Haha, do any northerners agree with these?
And Londoners, what do you think when you're visiting the north?!
Rosy x


  1. So tempted to do a 'response' post of 10 Things Londoners Think When Visiting The North, but it'd just be 10x 'CHEEEEEAP DRIIIINKS!' :D

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. I love this! As a southerner I think these are hilarious :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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  4. Great post! I'm a Southerner from just outside London, so I'd definitely consider it my home city. From completing fashion internships there, I've become used to the buzz of London, so other UK cities I visit feel considerably quiet in comparison.

    About the gravy, I have to disagree myself since I'm a little bit addicted to it, though I can't speak for the whole of London. A friend of mine from Manchester told me she hadn't heard of quinoa and kale until she visited the South.

    ♡ Emily from TRENDPILL x


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