Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Things You Could Give Up For Lent

So, after the pancake feast that was last night, lent is now upon us! I'm not religious but I always think it's nice to challenge myself and usually give up/ take up something every year. This year I am giving up shopping for makeup, unless it's a repurchase of a product that has run out (and that's only if I don't have anything else already that could take its place). So, I'm not allowed to buy any new makeup until Easter Sunday! It will certainly be a challenge but hopefully I'll save some money and use up some makeup that's been lying around for a while!

Here's a few other things you could give up:

1. Chocolate or sweets (classic!).

2. Crisps or snacking in general.

3. Taking taxis or any form of transport when you could walk. 

4. Shopping for clothes/ shoes/ jewellery/ accessories/ makeup (like me!) or all of them!

5. Alcohol.

6. Fizzy Drinks. 

7. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolates.

8. Bread / Pizza / Chips / Bacon Sandwiches / Takeaways.

9. Not watching more than 1-2 hours more of TV a day.

10. Bitching, moaning or complaining.

11. Meat or dairy. 

Alternatively, you can TAKE something up for lent instead, such as:

1. Going to the gym/ exercising more (walking is a good one for this as you lose lots of weight and it's easy- just pop your iPod in or phone your mum/ a friend and you won't even realise you're exercising!).

2. Starting a new class, whether it be exercise like yoga or joining a new team/ society at your uni/ college/ local leisure centre OR take up a new hobby that you can do at home. 

3. Learn a language (The Duolingo app is brilliant for this; it's actually fun, and you only need to do a couple of minutes a day).

5. Eat 5 portions of fruit/ veg a day.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. 

7. Drink 1.5/ 2 litres of water a day.

8. Post a new blog post every day/ every other day.

9. Read some pages of a book every day (I'm going to do this one too!) such as when you're eating your lunch or before you go to sleep at night. 

10. Put £2 away in your savings every day then at the end you'll have a nice treat!

11. Do a kind deed every day or send a kind msg/ txt.

What are you giving up for lent? 
I'd love to hear your ideas!

Rosy x


  1. Great inspiration, although I usually don't waiit for Lent, but challenge myself several times a year.

    1. Thank you! Aw that's a great idea to keep challenging yourself throughout the year :) xx

  2. This year I am giving up fizzy drinks for Lent. I am on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment so I think this will be a positive addition. Two years ago I gave up meat and am still a pescatarian to this day! Good luck with the next 40 days. I definitely recommend reading every day. It is a great way to relax and distress.

    1. Fizzy drinks is a great one! I make a conscious effort not to drink them- only on special occasions- and after a while you really don't miss them! Wow that's amazing that you kept going with the meat one too, I'm trying to have one-two meat free days a week this year too, but I couldn't give it up entirely- although having fish, like you said, would make it more manageable! And yes, I love reading! I've just been so tired that I've not done it this week, which means I need to go to bed earlier! Thanks for commenting :) xxx


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