Thursday, 5 February 2015

Review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ SPF15

This Clarins Everlasting Foundation + is an improved version of Clarins's best-selling long-hold Everlasting Foundation. It aims to provide a matte, medium-heavy coverage that lasts 18 hours. It contains SPF15, as well as anti-pollution and anti-free radical benefits. 

First of all, the bottle is beautiful. It's very heavy, good quality frosted glass with a pump (my major gripe with Nars Sheer Glow is the lack of pump on the bottle!) so is easy and not messy to apply.

It's quite a matte finish but is not too matte, it still has a hint of a glow. It's also oil-free, which is important to me as otherwise I get spots. It has a medium-heavy coverage. It certainly doesn't look cakey or too heavy, but manages to easily hide all my pesky blemishes and red marks.

The major claim of this foundation is that it provides 18 hours of coverage. Having tried it out for quite a few weeks now I can vouch for the fact that it is long lasting. I still always wear primer underneath to prolong and maintain that coverage, but that's more due to my skin going oily in the afternoons and applies to every foundation I wear. I'd say it would suit people with combination-oily skin better than dry skin because it can be slightly drying in areas.

I went for shade 102.5 Porcelain, which is the palest shade, as my skin is pretty pale in winter and I prefer to add a tan through bronzer. Just as side note, I think it's always best to err on the paler side for foundation and build up the colour with bronzer and blusher. Porcelain is a lovely shade on me (I'm Armani Luminous Silk shade 4.5 and Nars Sheer Glow Deauville for comparisons), and there is a wide range of shades to choose from so I'd recommend trying a few out in store.

All in all, I think this is a really nice foundation to wear both in the day and evening, with a great level of coverage that is very long lasting. 

Price: £27* (available to buy here soon & at all Clarins counters)

What do you think about this foundation? 
What are your favourite foundations? 

Rosy x

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  1. I've never tried a Clarins foundation, but it sounds like something that would work for me... I like a long lasting foundation that doesn't look too solidly matte on, so this sounds perfect.

    Sammy xo.

  2. I absolutely love clarins foundation and wear mine everyday, basically it's just enough cover I think but I need to find a good concealer really and don't know where to start xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. I have always neglected Clarins until I bought a moisturiser from there not long ago and now I have found so many things that I love. This foundation looks like it would be right up my street so I'm definitely going to have to give it a try :) xx

  4. Ooo, i've been looking for a new foundation to try. Thanks for this review! Going to have to give it a little go and £27 isn't an awful price at all. x


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