Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review: Jica Lash Extensions and Nail Magic

Recently, I've trying out some products from the beauty company, Jica. Specifically, I've been testing a new lash extensions product and a nail hardener to help strengthen your nails. Here's how I got on with both of them...

Jica Lash Extensions
I was so shocked when I pulled the wand out of the tube as I expected it to be like mascara, but it's actually lots of little black fibres, like mini eyelashes (although obviously not real ones!).You apply this after you have applied one coat of mascara, and then apply another coat of mascara on top of it. So, it's like as mascara sandwich with the fibres in the middle; the mascara acts as the lash glue holding the fibres in place.

Applying it can be a bit messy; the fibres went all over my face but it easily came off after brushing it with my powder brush. As, (I hope!), you can see from the photos, it did make my eyelashes look a lot thicker. It doesn't have to be glued on either so you can't tell that you're wearing lash extensions, which is really good as it looks awful when you can see the glue bit on falsies!

However, I did feel like there was something in my eyes for ages afterwards and I kept having to get the little fibres that fell into my eyes out, which was a bit of pain. I wouldn't recommend it for people with contact lenses, or maybe just leave it a good 20 minutes before putting your contacts in to ensure that all the loose fibres aren't in your eyes.

Overall, sadly, I don't think it's really my sort of thing because I didn't really like the feeling of something in my eyes, but that's just my opinion. Yet, it did make my eyelashes look thicker, so if that's what you want to achieve then it's worth giving this a go as an alternative to false lashes.

Price: £13.95* (Buy here)
(Use the discount code NMCO1 for a free Nail Magic Cuticle Oil with your order).

Jica Nail Magic
My nails are breaking a lot at the moment with this cold weather so this product came just at the right time. It strengthens and conditions the nails, making them easier to grow.

It applies just like clear nail varnish, although it smells nothing like nail varnish, more like glue. It's very easy to apply and dries quite quickly, so I've just been keeping it on my desk to put on when I'm working. It creates a nice shine to the nails but it's not as glossy as clear nail varnish, it's more subtle.

It definitely worked in making my nails a lot harder and stronger, allowing them to grow much better. I would definitely recommend this anyone that wants to strengthen their nails or anyone that wants to grow them. It lasts about 3-4 days on the nails before needing to be reapplied.

Price: £10.45* (Buy here)
(Use the discount code NMCO1 for a free Nail Magic Cuticle Oil with your order).

I have been given an exclusive discount code for Ro's Tinted readers to use on
Enter NMCO1 at the checkout for a free Nail Magic Cuticle Oil when purchasing Nail Magic or Jica Lash Extensions. Expires on 1st May. 

What do you think about these products? 
Do you use lash extensions?
Rosy x

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  1. I love the sound of the nail magic as I have ruined my nails with acrylics so badly, and the lash fibres are so hit and miss with people but I do like mine for special occassions xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Ouch, fibres in my eyes are a Big no-no. But your lashes looked awesome!


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