Wednesday, 11 March 2015

60 Blog Post Ideas

Here are 60 blog post ideas for those annoying times when you have bloggers block! I hope you find it helpful and it sparks some inspiration :) 

1. DIY- make something, either art, home decor, or a new makeup look etc.

2. Flat/house tour. 

3. Your top 5 or 10 favourite possessions. Or something along the lines of 'If there was a fire in your house which 5 items would you save'.

4. Favourite makeup/ clothes/ items under £10. Everyone loves a bargain!

5. Any html, or SEO, or blog design tips are always helpful and very in-demand, so if you know anything like that, share it!

6. Similarly, any useful websites or resources or other bloggers' posts that you've found helpful for design tips or for blogging in general.

7. Set yourself a challenge and document it. E.G. Cut out dairy/ meat/ sugar for a month and tell people about your progress and whether anything changes. Or even something like cutting out Facebook for a month! 

8. A helpful post giving advice about something that you are experienced in (blogging/ job/ hobbies).

9. A day in your life.

10. Describe what job you do. What it entails, how you got into it and any recommendations for people considering it. Or if you don't have a job, exactly the same principle about your course at university or college? 

11. Your favourite books/ book recommendations.

12. Books that you want to read/ Book Wish List. 

13. Your favourite TV shows or films.

14. Your TV/ Boxset/ Film wish list- what you what to watch next.

15. Interview/ Q&A with another blogger or someone about their job/ blog/ life.

16. A personal post about yourself or an experience or situation that you've had to deal with. 

17. Your opinion on a relevant or current topic, such as a news story or something new or controversial happening in the blogging/ vlogging world. These are always an interesting read and can spark a good debate. 

18. Behind the scenes: your blogging process and set-up. E.G. your organisation, photography etc.

19. Your top 5 or 10 favourite makeup products.

20. Your top 5 or 10 favourite skin care products.

21. Your top 5 or 10 beauty tips.

22. A recipe.

23. A haul: fashion, beauty, homeware etc.

24. The last 5 things that you bought.

25. Write about your pet or give advice to anyone that is considering getting one. 

26. Inspiration post: use pinterest pictures or any images to provide ideas or inspiration, such as on a new hair cut or home interiors. 

27. The current season's trends and your opinion/ take on them.

28. 10 random facts about yourself. The weirder the better!

29. A letter to your teenage or younger self.

30. Advice about budgeting/ saving/ moving house- anything important or practical that you can share on the matter. 

31. Your life or blog goals.  

32. Your travel bucket list.

33. Your holiday or mini break- photos and writing all about the place you stayed or visited, including hotel and restaurant recommendations. 

34. Things to do where you live. Where in your city or nearby would you recommend eating, drinking, visiting and shopping? 

35. Wedding tips- whether you're a guest, a bridesmaid, a relative or the bride- everyone goes to weddings so any tips/ advice/ ideas/ outfits/ makeup looks will be appreciated.

36. Your favourite shops/ brands (for certain categories e.g. homeware, fashion, beauty etc).

37. Save vs splurge on beauty or skin care items. 

38. CV/ Job interview/ application tips. 

39. A new hair cut or colour. 

40. Your favourite/ most used makeup brushes.

41. Monthly empties.

42. Monthly favourites.

43. Your exercise/ work out routine.

44. A Primark or supermarket (clothes/ home- not groceries!) haul. People always want a bargain and it's good to show items from places people might not necessarily have thought to look before. 

45. Things that you've learnt since blogging.

46. Customise/ up cycle some furniture/ accessories/ clothes.

47. Your makeup/ clothes storage. Or a closet tour/ go through your makeup drawer. 

48. A top 10 list of something- e.g things that annoy you, a nostalgic list.

49. Products not worth the hype vs products that are worth the hype.

50. Outfit of the Day/ Night (OOTD/OOTN).

51. Face of the Day (FOTD) listing all the products you've used.

52. Nails of the Day (NOTD).

53. Photography tips or advice when buying a camera or any equipment.

54. Themed/ seasonal post- E.G make something, wear something or create a makeup look for Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Spring, a Holiday, a Wedding etc.

55. Information or tips on outfit posts- lighting, poses, practical advice or behind the scenes of the shoot.

56. Some good/ funny/ inspirational quotes that you have found or that you love.

57. A hair style post, detailing how to do it. E.G. a complicated plait or a certain type of curl. Or even copy a celebrity's hair style and show how to do it.

58. Your most-read/ popular posts. People will be interested in knowing what posts are really appealing to readers.

59. The websites/ blogs/ apps that you read or use daily.

60. Any tips or advice on how to grow your blog/ work with PRs/ manage your social media.

I hope that you've got plenty of ideas now! 
Let me know if you decide to go with any of them!

Also, do you have any other post ideas? 
I'd love you to share them with me as I'm always looking for more! 

Rosy x


  1. I Like your blog very much! I found your posts very interesting! And also I like your beautiful photos! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. This is such a great post! I get writer's block quite often when I run out of things to review, and this post is super helpful!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  3. This is a fabulous blog post to keep bookmarked as sometimes I do have a complete drought or get bored of the same posts xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. I love this post, so useful for those dry moments in your mind! Some great ideas and even inspired me to type up a post.
    Trixybelle xox

  5. I love this list! I am reading at 2am and it has certainly sparked some creativity and given me some ideas! Don't you just hate bloggers block? :)

  6. this could come in handy!

  7. This post is exactly what I needed right now, Given me lots of ideas for future blog posts, thanks sweet,

  8. This is perfect for me since I've only just started my blog - Some of these are really great ideas too!

    I particularly like the Top 10 list for nostalgia one, and might write my own version. I'll be sure to link you at the bottom of the post if I do.

    ♡ Emily from TRENDPILL x

  9. This is so cool. Such useful information for every blogger. Everyone has bad periods in blogging life, and it will be helpful.


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