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My Views On Dolce and Gabbana & IVF Babies

I don't usually talk too much about serious issues on Ro's Tinted but this has got me riled!

This weekend, in an interview with an Italian magazine, Dolce and Gabbana, called babies born via IVF treatment as "synthetic". Dominico Dolce said that procreation "must be an act of love" and carried on to say: 

"You are born to a mother and father- or at least that's how it should be. I call children of chemistry synthetic children. Uteri [for rent], semen chosen from a catalogue

In 2015, you'd think that IVF treatment wouldn't cause such a stir, and certainly such negative opinions from people with as huge a following as Dolce and Gabbana. Yes, we live in an age of freedom of speech, and everyone has a right to their own opinion, but to say such hurtful views on such a huge platform is despicable. How will those children created via IVF feel when they grow up, reading such things like that? They should never be made to feel inferior; a person's parentage, nature of conception, race, colour or religion should have no bearing on the way that person is treated and viewed- you'd think society would have got that by now, wouldn't you?! 

I have a few (hetrosexual) friends and family members who would love nothing more than to have a baby but for one reason or another they can't. Each and every one of them would make the most amazing parents and their children would be loved so so much. For them, IVF is their only chance of having biological children, and for that reason, I think it is incredible that they are given that chance. It is still by no means an easy road to take, one of my friends has had 5 rounds of IVF treatment in the hope of getting pregnant with her husband, as he had testicular cancer a few years ago and so had his sperm frozen. The first 3 rounds of IVF were paid for by the NHS but sadly they didn't work. They've put all their savings, and money from their parents into two more rounds of treatment and, finally, very recently she announced that she is pregnant. Needless to say, they are ecstatic and relieved, and I cannot think of a baby that will be more treasured. 

So, to say that baby, when it does arrive, is 'synthetic' is ludicrous and deeply insulting. The truth is that baby will be no different to any other child, and will grow up exactly the same, just as it should.

For those people that are struggling to have children, or gay people that would not otherwise be able to have children together, IVF allows them to have the same chance and opportunities that other people take for granted. I think everyone has the right to have a child if they want one and it is a miracle that scientists have found a way to make that happen. If a child is loved, wanted and treasured then that's good enough for me. 

So, it's pointless me saying I will boycott Dolce and Gabbana as Elton John wants everyone to do, as I can't afford their clothes anyway. But what I will say is this, the brand has massively gone down in my estimation, I've lost a lot of respect for Dolce and Gabbana for saying that, and it certainly won't be a brand that I aspire to own anything from in the future. Let's hope this issue actually proves that most people support IVF treatment and use it to make Dolce and Gabbana look very silly and small-minded.

What are you thoughts on the issue? 

Rosy x

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  1. I couldn't believe it when I read what they had been saying, especially in this day and age! Its absurd. Everyone has the right to have their own family whether this be naturally or aided by IVF xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    1. I know, it really shocked me! It is absurd! xx

  2. I was dumbfounded when I read about this. Not that being gay should necessarily have any bearing on the subject, but the fact that they are made it even more shocking. I DO disagree with the whole 'boycott DG' thing though, because I firmly believe in freedom of speech...even when you completely disagree with what someone's saying. I also don't think personal beliefs on IVF should reflect on the brand as a whole.

    But honestly, their remarks are so ludicrous to me that I'm kind of wow'ed by it. It's as dumb to me as someone saying the sky is orange or something. Crazy!

    xoxo - Kelly

  3. What got me about this were the comments I read on facebook, where people were saying that we should think of the poor children who don't get to grow up in a traditional family and that you need a mother and a father to be happy. I know some people with single parents who would definitely disagree with that... It's crazy how people can still be so ignorant nowadays!

  4. I completely agree with you, well said! As you point out, what's important is that the child is wanted and loved. I think it's great that IVF gives people a chance to have children when they wouldn't be able to otherwise xx


  5. I agree. Regardless, the brand should be well aware of their stance and following in society and shouldn't be essentially, excluding certain people of society. X

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