Thursday, 16 April 2015

Are You An Undecided Voter?

So, we've got the big General Election coming up here in the UK and I'm finding it quite hard to decide who to vote for right now...

I'm lucky because my parents have never put pressure on me to vote for any particular party, allowing me to make my own mind up and vote for whichever party I feel will make the most positive difference to my life and to the country as a whole. This means that when each general election comes along (this is my second one in terms of voting) I want to know all the policies for each party and decide which I think is best. I've found that quite difficult this time around because I don't really like any of them to be honest. BUT I think it's very important to use your vote (my Grandad used to always remind me that women had died in order for me to have it!) so I'm trying to make a decision. 

The thing that I find the hardest is getting past all the political jargon and name calling and trying to find out the actual policies. I don't want to hear lots of amazing-sounding promises with no substance or practicalities of how these are going to be backed up or paid for. 

One website that I've found very helpful in my search for each of the parties' policies is this: 

It's a completely impartial and unbiased survey showing you all the policies that each party is advocating, but anonymously. So, you simply pick the issues that you want to know the policies on (e.g. health, the economy, welfare etc) and it provides a really clear, bullet point list of the policies for 'Party 1', 'Party 2' etc. You select the anonymous parties that you like the sound of and add them to your 'short list' and then choose the one party that you agree the most with at the end of that round (you can only pick one!).  When you've completed all the topic areas and chosen all the anonymous party policies that you agree with, it will bring up your results and show you which party you agree with the most in terms of percentages. So, for instance you might be 60% conservatives, 30% Lib Dem and 10% Greens. 

It's just something that I found helpful and it allows me to see which party or parties are most in line with my views. Hope you find it helpful too! 

Is anyone else struggling to decide who to vote for? 

Rosy x


  1. It's a tricky one this year, but unlike you I have my Dad who is a lifelong Labour supporter and union man so I guess I've been brainwashed into that vote! Looking forward to the debate tonight.

    1. Haha aw! It's nice that they have such strong beliefs, part of the reason I'm struggling is because I'm so unsure as to who I think is better! xx


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