Saturday, 4 April 2015

Thierry Mugler Angel Gravity Star Eau De Parfum

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume has just made an even bigger statement...

Thierry Mugler Angel Gravity Star Eau De Parfum has been released in a new star bottle that truly is a work of art! It really is a statement piece on top of my dresser, and looks beautiful when the light captures it. The bottle is refillable too- you simply take it with you to the store when it runs out so it's much more environmentally friendly. I was lucky enough to get my bottle engraved with my name on it by the company so it makes it extra special. They also named a star after me, which is such an awesome gift! Yep, there's now a Rosy star in the universe folks!

Anyway, on to the perfume itself...

I wear this perfume when I want to feel sophisticated and sexy, for a date night or to a special occasion. It lasts FOREVER on my skin, so although the price tag is high, I only spray a tiny amount and it lasts all day, meaning you do get your money's worth. It definitely is the longest lasting out of all my perfumes.

The scent itself is very woody with the signature patchouli being quite strong.  It also combines notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, fruits and honey. It is a unique, signature scent and one that is instantly recognisable. I'm sure most of you will be familiar with it by now and either love it or hate it, but either way you have to smell it as it's like no other perfume out there! When I very first smelt it years and years ago, I wasn't that keen but over time it's really grown on me. So, if you don't instantly fall in love with it, then try it again in a few years as this perfume is a grower (or maybe my tastes have changed as I feel the same about olives haha!). Anyway, now I love it, although it is definitely an evening perfume for me as opposed to a day one.

Price: £86 for Eau De Parfum 75ml (Buy here)

What do you think about Angel perfume? 
Rosy x

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  1. This bottle is stunning! I love the Thierry Mugler Womanity but have never given this one a sniff :-) I'll give it a go though, especially with such a pretty bottle. It'll look ace on a dressing table.

  2. I was so happy when this arrived! It's so beautiful! And it's perfect that it's refillable with our names on them! xx


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