Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Gluten Free Granola with Bananas, Cranberries and Yoghurt

My favourite breakfast is gluten-free and it fills me up until lunch time!...

This is a really quick and simple post, but one that I thought I'd share with you nonetheless! I'm really into healthy living and eating a balanced diet packed full of vegetables and superfoods. I've always  eaten healthily; I love vegetables and I'm much more of a savoury person than a sweet tooth (with the exception of chocolate!). However, I became quite poorly two years ago, through stress and emotional trauma, and I have had lots of stomach problems since. This has resulted in me becoming gluten intolerant and so I've had to completely rethink all of the things I eat to make sure that they are gluten free. 

So, as part of my healthy eating, I have granola with cranberries, banana and yoghurt every day. I used to just have a slice of toast for breakfast and I'd be starving by 10.30am, but now I have this and it's so much better! It fills me up until lunch time and it's super tasty. I prefer to make my own granola when I can (my aunty has the best recipe on the planet!) but I don't have time at the moment because I'm very busy trying to finish my PhD, so shop-bought granola it is. This Gluten Free Udis Granola is fab though (I buy it from Tesco but I've also seen it in Asda and on Ocado) and I simply mix in some pumpkin seeds to make it healthier. 

I actually put a bit too much yoghurt in this one but obviously the amount varies depending on taste and how much you like :) Anyway, here is the super simple recipe...

Udis Gluten Free Granola (or any granola that you want really!)
Pumpkin Seeds
1 and half tablespoons of dried cranberries
1 Banana 
Natural yoghurt
One quarter of a teaspoon of honey (optional- to taste)

What is your favourite breakfast? 
Rosy x


  1. Yum Yum Yum. I live in Scotland, so porridge is very important to keep us warm. I love to stir honey through it and have sliced banana on top. Delicious.



  2. that looks lush- I'm always looking for good breakfast ideas, having classes in nyc until my lunch break at noon!


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