Sunday, 13 December 2015

10 Christmas Gift Ideas

If you're looking for inspiration on what to buy people for Christmas then I've got a few ideas to help you...

All the things featured in this guide are items that I really like and I'm either getting them for people  or I've asked for them for myself.

1. Soap and Glory Gift Sets
I look forward to the Soap and Glory Gift Sets every year. They make great presents for people and there's so many good products to choose from. The Whole She-Bang has £60 worth of products in for £30, the crackers are £6 and each contain a lipgloss, the Hand Food (which is awesome!) gift set is £8 and the 'In The Bag' gift set is £18. They have loads more gift sets than this that are well worth checking out too! 

2. Clarins Makeup
Clarins is a brand that I love. Their makeup and skincare is always amazing quality and I've yet to try a bad product from them. It's also a brand that my mum and other family members like so I tend to buy at least one person a Clarins product each year. Their mascara, instant light lip perfectors, lipsticks and eye shadows in particular are on my list for people this year. 

3. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palettes
The Naked Smoky Palette (£38) or the Naked Basics Palette (1 or 2) (£23) are awesome. I have the original Naked palette and the Naked Basics palette and use them both all the time. The Naked Smoky Palette is something that I've been lusting after ever since it came out a few months ago- it's not something I really need in my life but I really want it! 

4. Jo Malone Candles or Diffusers
I love having a Jo Malone candle burning whilst I'm chilling on the sofa in the evenings. It makes the whole flat smell instantly amazing. I've never had one of the diffusers but I'd love to try them as I've heard good things, and I also think the Jo Malone Shampoo and Conditioners are a real treat to use.  Basically, you can't really go wrong with Jo Malone! The candles are £42 (or £22 for the small ones) and the diffusers are £58.

5. Electronic Cleanser
There are a number of brands that do electronic cleansers now; the original Clarisonic ones (approx £112.50 or £155 depending on the model), the Clinique one (approx £79) and the Foreo Luna one (£145). I've been after one for a while now and have only heard good things about the skin benefits that can be achieved with them. They're a great present if you're looking to spend that bit more on somebody, or to ask your parents/ other half for.

6. Photo Gifts at Cheerz
Photo gifts are always a winner in my opinion. What I love about Cheerz is that the photos are squares and polaroid-style. I've bought two of the Big Squares full of holiday photos and they look awesome- plus the frame is included. You can also put different filters on your photos which makes it that bit more arty. They sell a number of different products at various different price points so there's something to suit most budgets. The last order date to guarantee it in time for Christmas is 15th December. Get £4 off with the code ROS2YP. 

7. Grey Goose Vodka
My fiance and I love Grey Goose Vodka. It's got a much smoother and more drinkable taste than other vodka brands that I have tried and is great in a cocktail. I particularly like it with cranberry and lemonade. This is a great present for guys or party people as it's a bit of a special drink :)

8. Headphones
A good pair of headphones (like these) is something that my fiance really wants. A lot of guys love to have good quality headphones but don't necessarily buy them for themselves, and so these are a good present to get any music-lovers. You don't need to spend loads either, there's some great headphones starting from £50. 

9. Leather Backpack
A real leather backpack is something that I've wanted for a long time as I walk to work and often have heavy books etc. If you're really looking to splurge this brown leather one from Grafea is gorgeous. However, you can also get some really nice faux leather ones, like this Paul's Boutique one. They're so practical, fine in the rain (essential when you live in Manchester!) and good for either girls or guys.

10. Acrylic Makeup Storage
I know this is a bit of a weird present idea, but it's something that I want! I've loved the iconic Muji acrylic storage pieces for ages but have never been able to justify the price tag. These acrylic storage drawers from John Lewis are much more affordable (£12- £20) and look just as nice as the Muji ones. 

I hope that this post has provided some inspiration! 

What do you want for Christmas? 
And what presents have you bought people? I'm always looking for new ideas so your comments will be very welcome! 

Rosy x


  1. Really enjoyed this post - I think you included some more original, or perhaps more affordable/realistic presents than many I have seen in other gift guides floating around blogs & Youtube - I really like that you didn't just stick to beauty. Feeling inspired now :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Aw thank you so much! Really glad it was useful :) Thanks for commenting!
      Rosy xx


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